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A New Device From Garmin

by diane 2010-04-13 10:11

Most of people don’t like to ask directions and they are not always good to find their way. They drive around looking for the right destination. That’s when GPS devices come to rescue.
Garmin StreetPilot c330 comes fully loaded with all the US maps you'll need and it passed with flying colors. The next question is how quickly it will pick up satellite signals? That is, how soon until it can tell you where you are. Just pull it out of the bag, clip it into its suction cup case which is stuck to the windshield. Less than a minute after you plugged it into the lighter jack, it will able to tell you where you are driving to. 
The c330 is much better. It is smaller and chunkier than its predecessors, with an antenna hidden inside its case. The suction cup mount really sucks—in a good way—and lets you easily position the screen any which way you like. A cleaned-up user interface offers fewer options and clearer data. It's less gadgety, meaning more people will be able to use it without getting frustrated.  An internal lithium-ion battery means you can take the c330 into the house and browse points-of-interest (grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) and type in addresses. Thanks to the battery, you can also navigate outside of the car, though the size of the device, not to mention the street-specific maps, limits the number of extra-vehicular applications.
In a departure from earlier designs, the c330 has no physical buttons, just a touchscreen which is a major improvement. At night, with the help of a light sensor, it dims nicely and is highly visible.


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