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A woman we love: GPS thief edition

by GPS4US 2014-07-07 10:37

Let’s add another name to the list of women we love.

Tamera Bryant, you’re the best. Why? Because you gave us a little chuckle this weekend. Never mind that
Tamera is currently charged with petty larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle in South Carolina. We
think a bout with the legal system will build even more character for Tamera.

The thing about Tamera is, she’s impulsive and whimsical. She does things you’d never expect. And then
you just have to look and say, oh, that’s just Tamera being Tamera.

For example, Tamera is accused of stealing a GPS and cell phone from a tractor trailer, and then
attempting to sell them back to their owner. Tamera, that doesn’t even make sense! That’s why she’s so

So what happened, allegedly, was Tamera was at the TA Travel Center along Highway 290, and she lifted
the loot. The driver saw her carrying his stuff – and you know, a driver’s GPS system is kind of an
important tool – and asked a station attendant to call the cops.

Then the driver was talking to Tamera, trying to stall her so the attendant could call the cops without
Tamera knowing. The phone rang, the clerk had his opening.

Then during the stalling, Tamera tried to sell the stuff back to the driver. He politely declined until
the cops showed up.

Classic Tamera!

Anyway, we don’t know what kind of GPS Tamera took, but if it was anything like the Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD, 
we don’t blame the driver for being angry. That’s an awesome GPS.

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