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ACC allows GPS use during football games, Florida State rejoices

by GPS4US 2014-07-29 10:50

They’re the defending NCAA national champions, so the Florida State football team must be doing
something right.

And that something may very well be GPS.

We talked about this around the same time last year: that the Seminoles were using GPS to monitor
player fatigue and injury during practice (and that paid off with an undefeated season). But now
there’s a new element to the story. The Atlantic Coast Conference, which the ‘Noles dominated last
year, has approved use of GPS player monitoring systems during conference games this year.

Of course, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher is jumping at the chance to use his favorite high-tech information
gathering gadgets in competition. Fisher credits the GPS units for an 88 percent decrease in
soft-tissue injuries over the last two seasons.

“It’s how you can temper practices and the wear and tear on the body and what that game took out of a
guy,” Fisher told the Orlando Sentinel. “48 hours after recovery is very critical. Once you get behind
in that you can never get caught up, I don’t care what you do at the end of the week.

Fisher sees the GPS units as a godsend for injury-prevention.

“I live by that thing,” he told the Orlando Sentinel. “There are going to be major surgeries sometimes
because you’re going to get a knee or an ankle that’s broke, or a leg. You can’t help that. But a lot
of the wear and tear on the body, we’re able to take a lot of the guess work out of now.”

Now, does the use of GPS during games mean the Seminoles are going to repeat? Maybe not. But they’re
certainly ahead of the curve.

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