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After three years, washed away geocaching found 30 miles up the river

by GPS4US 2013-11-08 15:56

In 2010, a flood washed away parts of Manitoba, Canada. The flood took with it a geocache planted by a 

woman named Sandra, who has found 13,000 caches and planted 70 more.


The conventional wisdom was that the geocache was gone forever. But a blog entry by our friends at tells a different story. 


Being a veteran geocacher, Sandra knew enough to create her cache in a water-tight container to 

withstand the elements.  


Still, Sandra may have been surprised earlier this year when she got an email from a hunter notifying 

her he’d found the geocache about 37 miles from where she first planted it.


The flood had washed the cache north into the river, and onto an island. It floated for three years, 

and remained largely intact. 


““The really amazing part of this story is that the log book and other contents of this cache were 

still fairly dry inside! It was hidden in a Lock & Lock container (the real kind, not a dollar store 

knock off),” Sandra told 


By creating a safe container for the cache, Sandra ensured it would survive a crazy trip up the river 

and still keep its form. 


You can read the entire story here. And, if you want to get started on your own geocaching adventures, 

we’ve got just the  right equipment to get you started.

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