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AlphaDog warfare robot will need a bigger Dog Tracking Collar and triple accuracy GPS system

by Rusti 2011-10-26 12:53

AlphaDog and GPS III combat support systemGPS technology seamlessly becomes flexible and reliable fabric of high precision navigational services for civilian and military applications. GPS applications work anywhere from air traffic control to navigation systems in cars, smartphones and personal trainer wristwatches. One of the most common usage of GPS navigational services are known to every hunter and dog trainer. Hunter enthusiasts and people who want to make sure their pets are not lost are widely using GPS dog collars. Garmin DC 30 and DC 40 dog collars working in sync with Astro 220 and Astro 320 handheld GPS navigators are among most popular among hunters and dog trainer communities. The GPS constellation satellite system provides high precision positioning information acquired by Astro GPS navigator and DC 30 or DC 40 dog collar talking to each other and to the GPS satellites to render dog owner most current and accurate location information displayed in real time on the GPS handheld topographic map.

GPS constellation satellite system accuracy is plenty sufficient for civilian users. However, the latest advances in robotic technology, such as the AlphaDog LS3 requires more precision. The latest AlphaDog robot belongs to the special warfare breed of battlefield operation war machines  officially known as the “Legged Squad Support System”, has to operate with higher quality GPS topographic three dimensional data than the civilian system provides. The AlphaDog represents the robotic innovation financed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon and the Marine Corps. The AlphaDog carries up to 400 pounds of military gear, while storing enough fuel for a day and night trip ranging up to 20 miles. The AlphaDog four legged agile robot has enough intelligence to travel fully independently, completely on its own senses without help of driver or remote control system. The powerful war machine can follow a designated leader using advanced computer vision system which works equally well day or night. The machine can be pre-programmed to independently travel to specific places using multi-source thermal and vision array of sensors and GPS navigation system feeding rich positioning information to warfare robot's control center.

The AlphaDog easily runs over serious obstacles, boulders and fallen trees, keeps perfect balance  while being aggressively pushed to the sides. The unique to AlphaDog is an impressive feature to be  able to quickly stand up independently while lying on its side or back. While Boston Dynamics continues to improve the impressive capabilities of the four-legged war-machine to help Marine Corps  perform critical  missions on the ground, the leading GPS satellite system innovation is happening in the skies to provide the much higher quality of GPS information. The higher precision of GPS topographic information and real time services is one of the many pieces of the puzzle which will allow DARPA to use the AlphaDog next generation of Legged Squad Support System warfare robots on the battlefield and in war zone operations. 

General Dynamics works on the next generation GPS III system which will deliver three times more accuracy than current GPS constellation system. The GPS III satellites will add a new civil signal designed to be interoperable with international global navigation satellite systems. The new generation of GPS IIIA satellite constellation will be supported by the ground-to-space command and control channel, the space-to-space inter-satellite channel and the command and telemetry communications channels within each satellite. GPS III Non Flight Satellite Testbed allows to prototype elements of the new GPS III satellite which triples accuracy of the global positioning information system, easier integration in diverse areas for increased productivity in a wide range of civil, scientific and commercial functions.

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