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Amazon Kindle Fire tablet enters media-rich digital content market

by Rus Abz 2011-09-30 12:51

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire is designed to primarily promote the full range of e-commerce services and Amazon web services. The online giant just unveiled its new Kindle Fire tablet at a surprisingly affordable price under two hundred dollars. The goal is to attract more customers to use majority of Amazon online services. The new tablet may cost more to make than it is going to be sold for. It does not stop Amazon to go for losses as tablet market is crowded, dominated by tablet gadgets ranging from from Apple's iPad, to devices running Google's Android operating system and manufactured by several technology leading companies including Samsung. Motorola Mobility, and HTC. 

Kindle Fire tabletFollowing the popular version of the Kindle electronic-book reader and its newer touch-screen version, the Kindle Touch, the new Kindle Fire features a 7-inch display and runs on Google Inc.’s Android software platform. Amazon expects to increase sales of electronic books, movies and music,and this way help make up for the narrower profit margins that are likely to result from the low price of the new device. Media rich content is the key to the success of the new offering. 

Online media-rich content available from Apple and now Amazon, is missing from the palette of the other tablet makers.  Kindle Fire is tuned to encourage users become active Amazon customers and buy more media-rich products and e-commerce service offerings from the company. Amazon is expecting to benefit from new Kindle Fire lower price promotion campaign by factoring the potential upfront loss along with the expected sales of media rich digital content per tablet by  increasing sales of the of physical goods that comprise the majority of Amazon's online e-commerce business, generating sufficient marginal profit on each Kindle Fire tablet. 

While the Kindle Fire benefits users by easy access to media-rich content, it lacks a GPS navigator, camera and microphone, which puts it aside the fast growing demand for voice activated personal communicator or full featured personal assistant functionality. 

New Garmin Voice Activated personal navigational devicesVoice-activated GPS navigation capability is vital for for hands-free operation on the road. Personal assistant-like navigation devices, or PND-s are fast growing sector of the personal assistant market. A  dedicated GPS navigators, tuned for providing maximum hands-free convenience of voice-activated interaction with the user makes them safe to use while driving. Personal navigation devices provide time and fuel-saving benefits that only a dedicated GPS device can offer. New navigation engines offer fast, intuitive user interface. Voice recognition and synthesis capability coupled with the high precision GPS navigational functionality enhances the speed and accuracy of searches and routing. High quality maps, intuitive destination searches, the ability to locate and let user select businesses or points of interest on the real time map. 

The robust voice-activated PND design offered by Garmin in new GPS devices also includes pinch-to-zoom touchscreen interaction and automatic dual-screen orientation. PND can automatically store as favorites a most frequent route destinations and predict the destination. The user just confirms the destination by voice, no need to be distracted from driving to activate a route. The innovative navigation engine generates Bird’s Eye Junction view, which helps follow the proper lanes on complex junctions with photographic quality real overhead perspective. Driver can receive and hear text messages, and dictate text message reply by voice, without taking eyes off the road. Most advanced personal navigational devices render  detailed coverage of side streets, secondary roads in major U.S. cities. Digital traffic update information is acquired by the GPS device every 30 seconds instantly updating the three dimensional map, giving drivers the most real-time depiction of the changing traffic along the route. 

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