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Artificial intelligence symbiosis with new ultra-compact electric vehicle platform

by Russel 2011-09-02 13:14

Innovation RoboCar COMS prototype vehicle

With the enhancement of the sophisticated robotic vehicle mobile command center capable of applying the artificial intelligence methods and algorithms to process a vast amount of real time data coming from numerous sensor arrays, comes the new generation of the ultra light robotic car, the ZMP RoboCar MEV which has a super compact footprint of 2.3 × 1 × 1.6 meter and, fully loaded, weighs about 385 kilograms.

The one seater smart and intelligent the rear-wheel drive system is powered by 3 phase AC motors used in miniature mopeds. The RoboCar GPS navigation assisted autonomous navigation electric vehicle platform concept evolved from the earlier electric vehicle originated by Toyota innovation a decade ago and called the "COMS". The RoboCar MEV-C inherited all the key design successes from COMS as it is a single driver four wheel robotized electric miniature vehicle for tight environments of modern super cities like Tokyo. The wide range of openly interfacing devices include iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile devices. The interfaces could be extended to any other handheld portable communicators and automotive GPS navigational system using the open application development platform. With open interfaces to sensors, GPS navigators, GPS assisted map building for further autonomous navigation, video,  audio and ultrasonic and infrared equipment, the RoboCar becomes a perfect research and development experimental platform for robotic scientist organizations, artificial intelligence objects research universities and institutions and future generation car developing companies and car manufacturers. 

Innovation RoboCar Mev Diagram

The RoboCar electric vehicle is truly open platform for the sophisticated features such as stereo cameras, a multiple axis wireless motion sensors, a GPS navigational unit, a temperature and humidity sensor, a laser range sensor, speed and velocity sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and the Control Area Network and Vehicle Command Center employing open protocols for open platforms allowing researchers and scientists to programmatically access wide variety of the RoboCar open interfaces for the full control over electronics, electrical and hardware components of the intelligent robotic vehicle including eco-driving, image recognition sensors, the lithium-ion battery power saving and power re-generation sub-systems, as well as an automatic braking system equipped with inertial sensors and stereo cameras. 

The RoboCar offers the open platform for experimenting with new methods and artificial intelligence applications towards development of the safer on the road next-generation highly intelligent vehicles satisfying the latest automotive safety and technology requirements. The robotic motion control technology which includes drive by wire, steer by wire, the wireless control, the Robotic Vision, the precise GPS navigation assisted positioning of the highly reliable yet ultra-compact electric vehicle.

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