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Astro 220 Free Bonus Case for your complete GPS privacy (smile)

by gps4us news 2011-07-25 14:30

Garmin Astro 220 GPS dog tracker system With more and more GPS enabled electronic devices popping up at the hot Summer market almost weekly, and including GPS handhelds with megapixel cameras, smartphones, iPad2 and other popular notebooks with GPS geotagging switched on out of the box, we are receiving questions from our customers about GPS privacy and some agencies having firmer grip on tracking the new generation of most popular GPS navigational devices in hand of the user to easily discover the GPS device and the user private positioning.

Technically any GPS navigator is only a receiving device. It talks to four or more satellites in the GPS constellation, would it be GPSS or GLONASS, and, as such is able to pinpoint its precise location with latitude, longitude, altitude, compass heading, and object speed on the road or on the water almost anywhere on the Planet with “civilian” allowed precision, which is somewhat less precise than the military GPS equipment gets, Wikipedia has more detail on the civilian vs. military GPS accuracy.

Some GPS devices for hunters and dog trainers, such as Astro DC 40 dog tracking collars do have an additional transmitter embedded in them to send to the Astro 220 or Astro 320 central hub in hand of the owner the hunting dog's exact location. In that sense yes there is an explicit ability to track your favorite pet, and more than one – Astro tracking system can track up to ten hunting dogs simultaneously.

Geocaching enthusiasts are enjoying the GPS wireless beacons which are transmitting the geocaching treasure location to the GPS navigator, so we have a tracking activity but it is harmless and used only for geocaching purposes. For example wireless chirp is a GPS enabled "beacon" specifically created for the GPS navigator guided outdoor adventures of geocaching enthusiasts.

Other GPS capable tracking devices that couple a GPS receiver with a wireless transmitter may be used on vehicles, and such automobile safety GPS tracker device uses a control channel usually via available cellular network. The automobile GPS tracking devices transmit the position of a car or truck to a vehicle safety tracking center. For example, since GPS device with transmitter options became available on the market, some car rental companies more often use such GPS navigational and tracking equipment to track their vehicles in real time.

There are some other special uses of GPS devices to help visually impaired or blind people, people with Alzheimer's and other medical patients whose life may be in jeopardy if their current location cannot be immediately discovered and available to the responsible medical personnel or family member, and such devices are widely used only for these patient helper services.

In general it is completely safe from the “outsider” tracking perspective to purchase the GPS enabled electronic device of personal use for GPS outdoor orientation in the field, for biking, hiking, kayaking, sports and fitness, hunting and geocaching, the new high sensitive GPS navigator such as Rino 665t or eTrex 30. Just read the product description and you will easily find out their complete safety for your privacy. We even added the free Bonus Case to the Astro 220 dog tracker GPS navigator so you can safely hide it from anyone who tries to GPS geo-track it:)


Bonus Case and Astro 220 GPS tracker System for your hunting dogs

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