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Back to School safety check make sure your kid's backpack has the newest GPS locator

by Russel 2011-10-03 12:48

Add GPS backpack tracker for Your Kids Safety

Every parent cares about safety of children. The easiest way to track your children on their way to school and to make sure they arrive safely is to add a small and lightweight GPS locator device. The new generation of portable personal tracking device has everything you need to see and control your kids on their way to school and back home. It is all just in the palm of your hand with GPS locator. It easily attaches to your kid's backpack. This convenient GPS device allows to set up geofences with up to ten points so you'll always know when the locator transmitter enters and exits an area. You can easily see exact locations for multiple portable locator units wherever you go. Know exactly where everything you're tracking is - everywhere, all the time.

Pet Friendly GPS locator

The locator has many ways to use it. Not only for the safety of your kids. The flexible features of the locator technology allow you to use it to fit your lifestyle needs. While traveling you can locate your luggage and other belongings so nothing gets left behind or lost. You do not need to have a special tracking collar for your pet. The portable GPS locator easily attaches to your cat or dog collar so you can receive notifications and track your pets down the line when they are exiting a preset geofence boundary. When you go for a fitness run you can let friends or family member track your whereabouts on your daily run, as well as record your race daily progress.

Not only the GPS locator is small and lightweight, it is also waterproof. New generation of GPS  locator comes with Standard Tracking feature with extended coverage map. With Standard Tracking you can oversee the location of your GPS locator on a topographic map on the large screen of your personal computer. Even more conveniently you can download the free Garmin Tracker application for your computer, smartphone or personal assistant to track how far is your current location from the direction path and location of the remote GPS locator in your kid's backpack. With friendly user interface on the large screen of your PC it is easy to set up multiple geofencing areas with precise virtual boundaries. When the remote GPS locator crosses the boundary entering or leaving a geofence, the automated service  will send you an email or text message alert.

GPS locator GTU 10 and the Tracker applicationIn case any of your remote GPS locators looses the power or gets powered off for any reason special notification is generated and sent to you. The full track history of the carrier of the GPS locator is being tracked and recorded. The best of high-sensitivity GPS technology and online real time web services ensure the high availability of the overall tracking system reliably delivering information for you to keep watch on your children, pets and important belongings. The tracking device complimentary service on the web is always ready to serve you, also freely downloadable Garmin Tracker application would take care of safety of children by locating GPS locator devices on demand using your computer or smartphone creating instant text messaging and email alerts and notifications delivered to your personal assistant. Your family members and friends can also receive notifications and access multiple points of daily track history with Standard Tracking, or the whole week of track history with the Deluxe Tracking feature.

National Geographic Adventure Award

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