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Benefits of a Garmin Hand Held

by atina 2010-04-03 10:43

Let’s say you decide to go camping. And you park your car or truck at the cabin and head out for a long hike, particularly in the middle of winter.  Where the trees are stark and barren. The sun is gorgeous against the white horizon.  And, as you’re exploring Mother Nature snow begins to drift down from above and the sun begins to set quickly.  Dusk comes and you’ve lost your location.  Do you remember which way to the cabin? Or better yet your way back? To the beginning of the trail?


That’s where a Garmin handheld comes to the rescue!

Garmin hand held GPS units carry a High Sensitivity WAAS enabled receiver, and is created for automatic geographic positioning irrespective of where you will be within the United States. It also carries a base map which can be updated using a USB right from the Garmin website. You're able to access the Firmware upgrading program on your GPS and use it to update / download your base map directory to include the particular areas you are planning to travel through.


Caught in the middle of the forest with snow coming down hard you can set the Garmin hand held GPS to fix location and it will pin point where you are and even where you parked your car which makes it easier to find your way back safely.  With battery life ranging between 20-22 hours make it a perfect accessory for exceptionally long tips.

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