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Biking along Pacific Ocean beach with Forerunner GPS towards Goodyear Blimp flight

by Rus Abz 2011-05-25 17:43


goodyear blimp

Yesterday afternoon cycling along the Marina Del Rey bike trial i have seen the Goodyear (NYSE:GT) Blimp, a Zeppelin like aircraft hovering over Santa Monica towards the beach. Could my wristwatch gps Forerunner in addition to fitness calorie computation and perfect heart rate monitoring, also perform the barometric altimeter function?


It would be interesting to find out during the next air trip booked for the on board flight with folks running theGoodyear Blimp here in LAX area.Goodyear Blimp flying beside two sailing yachts 1929 CA

My Gpsmap 620 would be of help as its embedded altimeter should give a correct reading of the Zeppelin elevation and 3D coordinates. If not too high maybe i could reach one of the free WiFi hotspots to get real time topographic map from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) or Garmin (NASDAQ:GRMN) websites, like the one Garmin has for geocaching, and my gps gadget will be sort of hand-held chart-plotter tracking the exact record of the flight to share with friends on Facebook, not to mention update to Forerunner features in gps4us Facebook Shopping Mall;)

Many facets of Gps use are fun not only with Astro 220 DC 30 dog hunting or geocaching with Colorado 300  and Dakota 20 gps handhelds, or running and fitness with Forerunner 610 on wrist, but for this kind of unusual "in the silent air" adventure on board of helicopter, hot air balloon or even the Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin in Los Angeles  well, o, ops rubber blimp;).

Since back then in mid 1919 when Goodyear launched its first Zeppelin-like aircraft folks have no luxury of having such a convenience as Gps gadget on board. Never the less next year Goodyear have licensed the technology from Zeppelin. 

There are not so much fun for tax payers, but obviously necessary for U.S. Army Forces advanced uses of GPS technology in a new generation aircraft. One example could be Lockheed Martin Corporation (Public, NYSE:LMT) high altitude "combat balloon", the fighter command center unmanned aircraft. Further developing the geostationary Solar Powered Airship for thermal combat. 

Lockheed Martin thermal fighter zeppelin concept

Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was overseeing the project in California while building the USS Los Angeles, a US Navy zeppelin built by the Zeppelin  early last century. May be the photograph was taken from the exact same spot i am riding my bike every day along the Santa Monica beach USS Los Angeles, a US Navy zeppelin built by the Zeppelin Company.      

The inventor of the original legendary aircraft might be surprised to know, would it be possible at the time, that these days the U.S. Air Force is developing a $250 million surveillance mega-zeppelin blimp, which, once finished, could stay in the air for months and will be several times bigger than the Goodyear Blimp in shiny Marina Del Rey skies. Still will be using the same global positioning system as tiny wristwatch size GPS personal trainer Forerunner 610. 

 Forerunner 610 with heart rate monitor and calorie computation


Well, i need to make some more to get my next cool GPS gadget... let's check what is going on the stock market, time to wear beach shorts? when the stock market balloon will ...?

Mysteries of the Universe - zeppelin exploded and your stock portfolio?   


Stock market references used in this article:

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Public, NYSE:GT)
ZF Friedrichshafen AG Private; ZF was founded in 1915 by Ferdinand von Zeppelin (the Zeppelin inventor)
Garmin Ltd. (Public, NASDAQ:GRMN)
Facebook, Inc. Private
Lockheed Martin Corporation (Public, NYSE:LMT)




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