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Biologically friendly Visible Light Communication technology

by Rusti 2011-12-07 12:43

Visual Light networkMost wireless communications today are based on various radio frequency waves generated, transmitted and received by electronic devices. WI-FI, 3G and Bluetooth are examples of this most wide technology. Radio frequency based  systems are suffering from increasingly limited availability of conventional bandwidths for electronic equipment. Even the fastest of these radio frequency data transmission networks cannot compete with the potential of superior communication attributes provided by visible light transmission at higher speeds. The fastest networks today are equipped with lasers, fiber optic cabling network appliances and adaptive equipment. The next generation of wireless networks 4G will be using light as its transmission medium with the potential to deliver data transfer rates in excess of hundreds of megabits per second.

Light radiation neither constitutes nor suffers from electromagnetic interference making visible light modulation a very attractive technology in environments where electromagnetic interference is an issue, such as in hospitals and ambulance vehicles. It ensures increased safety avoiding interference with GPS navigation systems on board of marine vessels and aircraft. The onboard vehicle control centers which aggregate multiple radio frequencies navigational devices such as Course Compass Units, radars, GPS receivers, chartplotters, sonars and transducers also require reliable isolation of modulation frequencies in separate ranges, which makes the optoelectronic spectrum of visible light modulation technology ideal candidate for seamless integration with GPS navigation systems.  

Future of the wireless communications require biologically friendly communications networks capable to provide less harmful electromagnetic environment. Currently used communication signals in the microwave spectrum in many cases may lead to negative health consequences, when humans are  exposed to raised radio frequency and microwave levels. Being much safer to users the next generation of mobile communicators and personal assistant devices will receive increased throughput of the wireless communication networks that allow the creation and expansion of seamless integration with computing applications using very large bandwidth. Researchers are seeking to create ultra high-speed photonic communication networks using high-frequency pulsed light instead of radio-wave and micro-wave oscillations. 

Visible Light Communication systems are presently being developed by all major tele communication companies, government agencies and scientific research institutions. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE Wireless Personal Area Networks working group worked out the unified standard proposal for Visible Light Communication technologies. The integration of the new systems promises to be seamless as they use modulated light wavelengths in the visible spectrum emitted and received by a variety of suitably adapted and widely used sources of light.

visible light communication network

Commonly used devices such as indoor and outdoor lighting, car lights, displays, illuminated signs, televisions, computer screens, digital cameras and mobile phones which have light emitting diodes used for new type of communications. Biologically friendly light modulation system provide basic networking capabilities in offices and homes, by upgrading lighting systems incorporated into home and outdoor networks. The variations of the new technology such as the reasonable optical near joint access, the  RONJA free space optics device can reliably transmit data wirelessly using either beams of red visible light, or infrared light in the range of one mile. It is important to have a direct line of sight with clear visibility to optimize data transmission rates. For outdoor systems in cases when visibility is limited the system automatically switches to the radio frequency backup system to ensure the uninterrupted communications, as weather conditions of dense fog or snow can detrimentally effect VLC external transmissions.

visible light safety systemUse of light modulation provide solutions to a number of biological and technological problems avoiding negative health consequences, as well as communications interference with sensitive electrical equipment. The higher throughput provides enhanced basis for a better data security through applying larger encryption keys and more efficient encryption algorithms. By design light modulated data is transmitted more securely over short distances than radio frequency micro-wave communications devices whose signals can be easily detected outside the rooms and buildings they originate in. 

Car makers are working on incorporating the visible light modulation principles in the optoelectronic spectrum for car and driver increased safety. Car lights with light emitting diodes may be using infrared and visible light frequencies to transmit signals between cars. Just like the brake lights send a message to the driver to stop, the modulated signals of emitting and receiving light diodes establish the photonic communication channel to send information to the VLC aware vehicle onboard control system which interacts with the driver and braking system to help avoid collision.

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