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Brilliant clarity Mega Camera synchronizes new Garmin GpsMap 62stc and GpsMap 62sc handhelds with Topographic Maps

by Russel 2011-06-07 10:24


new garmin GPSmap62sc with cameraIn its GPS news Garmin (GRMN) announces that its popular and well recognised series of GPSMAP 62 reliable GARMIN GPSMAP 62stGPS navigators, created by Garmin with focus on reliability specifically for hikers, cyclists, boaters, hunters, mountain bikers and geocaching enthusiasts, is getting a new empowerement. From now on this popular navigator is going to be equipped with five megapixel (!) high resolution auto focusing camera. This new megapixel "eye" is given to just announced GPSMAP 62stc and GPSMAP 62sc hand-held GPS navigators from Garmin.

The new brilliant quality camera captures images with extraordinary clarity. The stunning quality picture is taken and immediately processed by the navigator's integrated photography "Picture Perfect" algorithm. The photograph is what they call it in topographic maps lingo "Geo-tagged".

The GPS map application saves the current location in encoded format into the image file. This way the geographical precise position is preserved within the picture for gps tracking. From now on the image file allows retrieval of the pinpoint of reference which could be shared with other GPS devices to find directions to the site photographed with guidance to the destination point geotagged at the topo map. Hunters and geocaching enthusiasts, kayaking fans and boaters, bikers and cyclists, all who love to go and see sites outdoors will enjoy the new Garmin GPS navigators. 

Gpsmap 62stc from garminShown on photo - coming soon to our online store - Gpsmap 62stc and the more affordable yet powerful peer Gpsmap 62sc portable handheld GPS navigators for outdoors and geocaching.Affordable newest Gpsmap 62sc


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