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Can newest Wireless scanner decipher the 30th century BC Cuneiform Sumer barcode to help understand XLK chart?

by Rusti 2011-07-29 12:26

Summer is in its full swing here at Marina Del Rey beach. Pacific has to be treated carefully, I mean yes it is hot during the day, but after sunset it gets cold close to the Pacific Ocean and yes I have got my first LA cold. Just a little bit I hope Russian cold treatment recipe (garlic, onion, strawberry, blueberry, lots of Albertson's Clover “медок из клевера” Bear Honey from the “Bear Honey” pot, plus one big freshly squeezed California orange) will get me ready for the weekend bike trail ride. wiki Cylinder Mesopotamia seal

With my 95% wool 5% nylon hat on my cold affected right ear, I am trying to find the solution for our warehouse folks to employ the wireless barcode scanner to read serial numbers of the GPS products and integrate them seamlessly into the Quickbook Purchase Order application. As miserable as I feel today with the cold recovery, I would like to save time for those of you who are currently looking for a barcode wireless solution for your small but energetic online warehouse and here go my latest newest findings leading, hopefully, for the less expensive yet top capable wireless barcode scanner solution.

Barcode history - The Mesopotamia most ancient round seal pattern

As always with internet search, at least for me being an old fashioned person, I would like to hear human voice at the company manufacturing or reselling the product or service brand I have selected by Google-ing with my “5 minute quick search winner”. Immediately i ended up with Wikipedia telling the Mesopotamia "barcode" history.

I love Wikipedia way of telling the plain story and adding lots of genuine images and people who really know opinions. Wow the first Mesopotamia seal barcode machines exhibited in the British Museum and known as round seals existed when pterodactyls were flying by and dinosaurs were still running around the corner. Next step i hit the wireless barcode scanner brand called XYZ. And I called the number and left a VM. Good sign I have got a call back and talked to nice gentleman. I have had asked my “three (killer) questions” and received some answers, so here we go:

1. Sumerian Ancient Barcode on the Mesopotamia stonewe need a wireless scanner which (can read the Sumerian Ancient Barcode on the Mesopotamia seal stone and, additionally,) can scan two numbers off the top of the GPS device cartoon box, including (1.1.) serial number and (1.2.) barcode.

2. We need the serial number and the barcode get read and wirelessly jump into the Quickbook Purchase Order, Incoming and Outgoing Distribution applications running on the warehouse PC

3. we need the serial number and the barcode scanned get directed to the SQL Server database table which helps run our Customer Service Support division at our GPS navigator shopping website.

I have a little bit of strange feeling when nice gentleman started his part with “our scanned do what any other scanners do” kind of thing, as soon as I happen not to be interested in “any other” scanners but, instead, looking for information for this particular XYZ scanner brand, but, as soon as I am guilty of not knowing all of our GPS products in depth, I took it easy. But, asking my questions again, now with the help of “Live Chat”  I have got some answers.

First and foremost, the wireless scanner uses an additional Bluetooth USB gadget to get into the guts of the PC and the Bluetooth antenna with USB plug cost almost as much as the wireless barcode scanner itself. 

The scanners come as LED driven and laser driven. Laser scanner is better, but more expensive, and it will read the flat or curved surface barcode in 12-inch range. The scanner reads barcode, but what about the line of bars representing GPS product serial number? The answer is - it will read it in case the serial number is in the same coding pattern as the barcode. And by the way barcode could be coded in several (dozen) different patterns, so I have to know what I am asking for in regards to the barcode or any other scanned code numbering standardized sequence. 

The barcode reader, wired or wireless is “kid of dumb” as it only sends the number sequence into the keyboard buffer (you can use splitter to let keyboard work in parallel with the barcode scanner), or into the COM port. Even with USB wireless interface it will end up in the COM low level interface of the PC. There is no for the two thousand dollar barcode integration software with barcode reader with wireless connection or without it into my Quickbooks application, or website, or SQL or other type of the database. I have to find the additional software or write my own or just sit back and relax and get another sip of clover honey mix and let it settle. 

How to scan the Serial Number SN barcode

While calling wireless barcode scanner companies and running Google searches to find companies who have been through wireless barcode scanner integration or automation, I happen to ran across some links which, in my humble opinion are very helpful to look at, like the (in fact it is nothing less but the best brief article about Wireless Barcode Scanner and Barcode Warehouse Integration Guide): "How to Ship Anything by Joel Spolsky". 

How to Ship Anything by Joel Spolsky

Joel's blog also pointed me to the answer to my yesterday's Google bike trail question, wondering how Google (GOOG) manages not only to seamlessly find me all the wireless barcoder reader and serial number integration answers, i could ever dream of in fraction of second, and adjust my upcoming geocaching weekend bike trail march-route without even looking at the cycling GPS navigator. Also for this weekend, i would need to discover a new and unknown natural organic cure recipe to treat my Pacific Del Rey beach cold caught by my right ear;) - all the information is readily available - thanks to you folks caring about others and taking a few minutes (or hours;) to briefly share with all the rest of us in need of your help to cure the cold, find barcode scanner Quickbooks brief, and discover the better bike trail. Except i could not locate the Clover Bear Honey pot on Albertson's website, yet “Медвежонок и медок из клевера” is easily available in the nearby store. Much appreciated!

British Museum Neo-Babylonian Dynasty, about 700-550 BC From Babylon
This British Museum Seal (above image by the British Museum website) shows what might happen (smile;) if we will not find the wireless barcode website and Quickbooks integrated solution for the lowest price possible - please send an email to (attn. Rusti) if you could point me, who knows nothing about wireless barcoding art and science integration, in the right direction. 


Almost forgotten, better late than never, especially on Friday with Clover Bear Honey in hand, when Senate debates are hot, to check the today's health of the Technology Market heartbeat, the XLK indicator (as we are the GPS navigator folks depending, at least in part, on the (NYSE:XLK) Technology SPDR health, to survive in international GPS navigational market, we have to keep an eye on the technology market indicators and observe its moves daily) and here we go:


XLK Friday 20110729 chart (c) Rusti

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