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Ebay and Facebook partnership ignite creation of New E-commerce Social Networking Platform

by Rusti 2011-10-13 12:03

EBay E-Commerce Services

E-commerce and Social Networking integration, the "E-Com-SoNet" evolution of serving the mobile user audience worldwide is most powerful and attractive next generation Internet end-to-end mobile services oriented paradigm. It requires the most powerful Enterprise Mobile Communication Gateway as a major technology to support mobile devices onto enterprise systems. The technology is widely available, but complexity of integration is very high and only a small percentage of companies are deploying it. World technology visionary, the Gartner Group, expects that mobile integration will happen, as Unified Communications are deployed. The stand-alone Enterprise Mobile Communication Gateway platforms are less likely to progress alone, without Unified Communications component. The Unified Communications becomes the key high level technology component as it requires integrating of multiple software applications, development, deployment and management tools on a variety of diverse computing platforms that support mobile Unified Communications, especially for the variety of mobile user applications within the realm of platform agnostic Cloud Computing and Web Services.   

Cloud Computing Web Services based business to business transactional integration platform and surrounding back-end focused technologies matured to provide the strong cross-business integration allowing diverse companies to create and implement win-win business solutions. The cross-company business solutions utilize the strength of each partner company.  

Facebook e-commerce Social networking Services

Among the visionaries pioneering the win-win Unified Communications approach, the Facebook Social Networking platform and the EBay E-Commerce platform, engaging into the new collaborative partnership to promote the e-commerce mobile web services across the wide horizon of social networking mobile user audiences. The new partnership between EBay and Facebook is designed to create a new generation of e-commerce enabled social network applications delivering the best of social networking and e-commerce features to the end user of all kinds of mobile personal communicators and personal assistant devices. The new partnership is targeted to serve best interests of the mobile users allowing quick access to social networking and e-commerce secure web services with a single touch of their smartphone screen.   

EBay announced the launch of "X.commerce", the new organization wing aimed to attract mobile and web services software developer communities. Enriching e-commerce mobile products with social networking features opens new potential to establish the E-commerce Social Networking Platform. The new e-com-sonet platform deployed on top of cloud computing and mobile web services, will make online shopping more fun. It could benefit mobile users by exposing their personalized experiences across her or his friend's circles, by displaying variety of varying like-dislike opinions about virtual store products and services offered in the new e-com-sonet X.commerce mobile applications.

The core of Facebook social network, the "Open Graph" map, which accumulates and manages the net of end-user connections that 800 million active Facebook users click through regularly. About half of million Facebook users log in every day and create myriad of new connections with with average of 130 Friends per user. Facebook user community actively communicate with each other navigating through dozens of photographs, expressing likes and opinions, most importantly for the new applications, flying through many pages of online content waiting for e-commerce enablement. The Open Graph is a live Cloud Computing organism which exposes the platform agnostic integration interfaces via the Cloud computing Web Services. The flexible tiered architecture allows for a seamless integration of any kind of heavy duty database back-end and lightweight front-end mobile and web-based applications. Open Graph Protocol has made it clear that the Social Networking Semantic Web, in which meaning is defined for content, is ready for cross-platform Cloud Computing based mobile application integration.

EBay e-commerce applications integration framework exposes secure web services and efficient integration technologies. With the launch of "X.commerce" EBay is making one step further to open source integration paradigm to encourage web services and mobile apps developers worldwide to create robust  applications for EBay e-commerce platforms. The partnership between EBay and Facebook aimed to provide a gateway towards easier integration between EBay X.commerce and Facebook Open Graph Map engines, allowing the new breed of E-Commerce Social Networking applications make a strong move into mobile commerce market.

Facebook's Open Graph integration with EBay's X.commerce array of applications at first will be introduced using eBay Magento service for building online storefronts, and the GSI - order fulfillment management service. The new partnership follows the previously established partnership between EBay and Facebook which allows to purchase Facebook's self-serve Ads and Facebook Credits via eBay's electronic payments system, the PayPal. Depending on the success of the first stage of partnership, there is a possibility of future integration between Facebook's Open Graph and EBay's PayPal electronic payment service. 

E-com-sonet integration

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