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Electric Car future relies on robotized battery swap station

by Rusti 2011-11-21 16:04


Electric VehicleStudies of the development trends for hybrids or Electric Vehicles by the International Energy Agency estimate  the spread of Electric Vehicles adoption from 3 to 15 percent compare to the projected fleet of all cars on the road by 2020. Most important factor for the electric cars is ability to quickly recharge the battery. Role of electric battery recharging utilities in establishing a universal recharging scheme of recharging stations that would be needed is very important. Electric vehicle batteries are rechargeable and last for many years, so drivers should not have to worry about spending more on the new electric car battery. Most expenses associated with the electric car's battery operation is associated with its recharging.  There are several innovative approaches to establish an efficient network of recharging stations and either charge drivers a monthly service fee for access, treating electric vehicle much like the mobile phone, or put in service an individual battery recharging stations and charge electric and hybrid cars drivers on a per-use basis.

electric car rechargeIn real life due to state legislation specifics defining how drivers and their vehicles will interact with the electrical grid on a local level, each state could develop its own approach to recharging, which could introduce difficulties for interstate drivers to recharge their car's batteries. Not to mention that it takes many hours to recharge the vehicle battery. There should be another alternative which could provide solution for all the complexities. As the battery is at the heart of the issue it has to be simply replaced by the newly charged one, the task which could be done by robotized station.

The robot enabled solution for the drive-through battery exchange stations is able to swap empty batteries with the fully charged within minutes. The stations are tuned to recognize most common battery types and electric vehicles using them. Robotized stations are not meant to serve as the primary source of recharging the batteries, they just help the driver make it home and use home stationary charger overnight for the deep charge of the battery. The robotized battery exchange stations could be easily located using the GPS satellite point of interest network services available for most of the dedicated handgheld and on the road GPS navigators, mobile personal assistant and personal communicator devices preloaded with GPS applications.





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