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Enjoy A New Device By TomTom

by diane 2010-04-27 17:01

If you're interested in a device that gets you to where you need to go without lots of fancy bells and whistles, then The TomTom XXL 540 S could be right for you.
It offers everything essential for the frequent traveler to reach their destinations on time. 
The XXL 540 S doesn't come loaded with a ton of advanced features. However, it does perform its intended function of pointing you in the right direction well. 
Best of all is its large 5-inch touch-screen that is easily viewable from a distance. 
Unlike some other GPS devices, the XXL 540 S loads and achieves a usable satellite  signal pretty quickly. The menu interface is very user friendly and has large icons to help you search for what you are looking for. It comes with support for 22 different languages too.
You can search for points of interest (POI) either by their name or their category, such as restaurants, gas stations, lodging, and more.
 As far as coverage area is concerned, the XXL 540 S comes with maps that cover most of North America. In the US, all 50 states and certain territories are covered, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. All of Canada's ten provinces and three territories are covered as well. Finally, you get 35 percent of Mexico's most populated areas covered, including detailed maps of Guadalajara and Mexico City.
In all, there are seven million points of interest included within the maps. You can choose to search for everything from golf courses to shopping malls.
Without a doubt, the best feature of the XXL 540 S's maps is its use of the company's Map Share technology. Map Share basically lets the GPS  owners add their own updates and corrections to the maps as they travel, enabling them to ensure that they have the most current and accurate information available. 
To help you keep your eyes on the road, the TomTom  XXL 540 S comes with text-to-speech functionality that will read aloud the names of POIs and streets. The spoken instructions come in up to 36 different languages, making the XXL 540 S great for foreigners in need of help. 
Another useful tool on the XXL 540 S is Advanced Lane Guidance.  This feature will show you on-screen directions that tell you which lane you should be in to make the proper turn or exit. 
Finally, beyond its other features, the XXL 540 S most importantly offers peace of mind as well. There are plenty of safety features on board should you ever come face to face with an emergency. The Where Am I? feature gives you your exact coordinates should you be stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can also use the GPS to phone for emergency help, and it will give you directions either by car or on foot to the nearest hospitals, police stations, and other essential havens. A first aid guide is even included should you be in need of dire medical assistance.


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