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Europe, those satellites don’t go there!

by GPS4US 2014-08-27 10:22

Something is wrong above Europe!

Time to panic? Maybe. But it’s not exactly a matter of immediate continental security.
So what happened is this: Two satellites that were launched to be part of Gallileo, the European version of GPS, went off course and are now in the wrong orbit.

The satellites are now orbiting in an elliptical pattern instead of the intended circular pattern.

Officials didn’t say whether the mistake can be fixed. But they did say they’re gathering information to determine the scope of the issue and its impact on the mission (or, in other words, how bad they screwed up.)

The satellites were launched Friday in Kourou, French Guiana and were going to join four satellites already in orbit.

Galileo is designed to work with GPS and Glonass, the Russian version.

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