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European navigation systems get funding for development, completion

by GPS4US 2013-11-20 14:51

Europe is about to get an influx of funding for its navigation programs.

Wednesday, the European Parliament approved €7 billion (US$9.5 billion) to complete Europe’s satellite
navigation programs, which include the Galileo and EGNOS. The money will be spent on completing the
satellite navigation infrastructure and on developing needed components such as Galileo-enabled
chipsets or receivers in smartphones, PC World reported.

"The overall economic impact of Galileo and EGNOS is estimated to be around €90 billion over the next
20 years," Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani told PC World. "In addition to the opening up of new
business opportunities, everyday users will be able to enjoy increasingly accurate satellite navigation
services with every new satellite launch."

ENGOS has been operational since 2011, increasing the accuracy of GPS position for aircraft navigation.
Galileo, meanwhile, will provide services beginning in late 2014. It will be fully operational before
2020, and will provide freely accessible service for positioning, timing and navigation, critical to
air traffic management and in-car navigation, PC World reports.

Galileo, the fully E.U.-owned autonomous satellite navigation system under civil control, will provide
first services from the end of 2014 and when fully operational (before 2020) will provide a freely
accessible service for positioning, navigation and timing, using the dual-frequency Galileo Signal in

Positioning and timing signals provided by satellite navigation systems are used in many critical areas
including electronic trading, mobile phone networks, power grid synchronization, air traffic management
and, of course, in-car navigation.

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