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Expansion Of the GPS Services In Australia

by diane 2010-05-10 12:00

Several new services have been offered by Digital map provider NAVTEQ at the CeBIT show in Australia.  Customers will use a tourism product with Lonely Planet and an historical traffic database.
Location-aware advertising network was launched by LocationPoint at the show which will its Australian debut through Yapp Mobile, Australia’s newest navigation application for the iPhone mobile digital device.

Lonely Planet Trips for NAVTEQ content includes some of the best traveled road tours in Australia, as well as Lonely Planet captured Points Of Interest (POIs), all associated with the quality NAVTEQ map of Australia.

The content is said to be specifically written to be effective on navigation devices and made on purpose for this NAVTEQ product. Proprietary research reveals that over 70% of navigation system owners use local guides for spur of the moment decisions. 

NAVTEQ has been focused on expanding very successful NAVTEQ traffic solutions globally, and over the last two years, more than a half a billion GPS data points have been collected to build a comprehensive traffic database in Australia.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns includes coverage from the largest major freeways down to smaller neighborhood roads in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. The database covers each day of the week with 24-hour speed values in both 15-minute and one-hour increments. The product is updated twice a year to reflect fresh source data.

In Australia, NAVTEQ database includes data for over 1.17 million kilometers of roads.

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