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From the atomic clock to Galaxy stretched Quasar "topographic" map

by Rus Abz 2011-05-10 11:51


An effort to create a precise multi dimentional shall we say "topographic" map or topo map of the universe is too large to get completed by one country, so the international effort is required to make all known gps satellite systems a better ones in regards to their precision. Not to mention that radio-telescopes built on the Earth over last two or three decades must work in concert with radio telescopes launched into open space and planned to be launched soon. Therefore GPS precision question have risen from the use of the atomic lock to integration of existing time measuring methods and technologies, into a new coming bigger and more complicated ones.

ESA GAIA Service Module

One example is an effort taken by the European Space Agency with its Gaia radiotelescope project. According to European Space Agency Gaia cosmos radio telescope will rely on the fundamental principles of missions proven to be reliable so far, and to create a unique in its precision multi dimensional map of million even thousands of millions galaxy stars and embark on further distances reaching beyond our galaxy depending on the ability to detect temperature and luminosity, physical composition detail and mass gravity of stars and quasars.

ESA Gaia_cam spacecraft vision

The known difficulty is everything is moving out there and Gaia has to be able to collect topography information describing motions of galaxy objects from the brightest to almost invisible but emitting strong radio frequencies. This way the galactic topomap may allow observation of the stars movement and, after all, of the gps tracking of each bright object original, current and evolutionary positioning. There are more tasks not immediately, but eventually related to gps navigational systems which the new launch of Gaia is giving hopes to obtain such as the detailed star physical signature of its properties. However they are leading to improvement of the methodologies of Galaxy heart rate monitoring on the extraordinary scale once we include all other components of the global positioning system in the open space and on the Earth.

Finally, for our everyday use gps navigators in hand, on your automobile dashboard or marine vessel captain control center, the multi-year international effort to obtain the precise three dimensional map of the cosmos quasars and stars will allow gps systems including marine on the water, on the ground automobile and aircraft gps, not to mention millions of handheld pedestrian personal gps devices, the geologist or adventurer, biker or hunter and even geocaching to improve dramatically their quality of operation and exact pinpointing of locations on the Bluecharts (marine maps and charts) and planet Earth topographic maps.  


Garmin Gpsmap 525s no transducer

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