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Fuel Transport System To Be Controlled By GPS

by diane 2010-04-18 08:35

Bulgaria. - During an extraordinary press-conference, Director of National Customs Agency Vanyo Tanov made a statement about a GPS system for control on the transport system of fuel shipment.

Tanov remarked that there is an interesting case when a cistern full of fuel for heating – i.e. colored fuel, has been detected by the GPS system of a filling station.

General Vanyo Tanov explained that the filling stations do not have the right to sell fuel, which is colored. Later on the laboratory analyses proved that the samples taken from the filling station and the fuel in the cistern are one and the same. Then, the mobile teams took up the case, detecting the violation thanks to the new system.

According to Tanov, the GPS system gives very good guarantees.

With the legal amendments that have been made, the oils that are imported in the country become excise good. Before the amendments came into force, 86% of the oil volumes entering the territory of Bulgaria were used to congest the fuels.

“Oils become excise good with a zero stake. Until now, oils were not excised and there was no such control on them. Being an excise good, they now come under the control of the authorities just like any other fuel,” General Tanov explained.

“I understand that people want to take advantage of the crisis. Many bog companies do not pour money into the state budget and always seek a way for resistance and how to avoid paying the money to the budget. Over the last 20 years there was some legislation which was to the interest of one or another big company,” Tanov said, adding that this will not be the case now.

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