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by diane 2010-03-24 04:10

What to choose? What to choose? With so many mobile GPS devices and applications for hand helds it’s hard to decide especially when new apps keep popping up. But if you’re in the market for a solid GPS app for your iPhone, there is a new one from long time GPS industry contender NAVIGON.

NAVIGON, a Germany-based manufacturer of GPS devices and GPS navigation software has been a in the business since 1999, making them one the first company’s to come out with GPS software. A while back they stepped out of the competitive GPS hardware arena in the United States and then reemerged when the iPhone came out.

Always a step a head of the game, they were among the first to release an app specifically for the hand held known as the MobileNavigator.  At the moment, the company has released a new more economically friendly app known as MyRegion which comes a long list of features such as MyRoutes a customized route recommendations based on your driving,  turn-by-turn directions with preloaded maps that you can use when your hand held is offline AND has gets live traffic information using NAVIGON’s Traffic Live feature...just to name a few.

Oh but wait! There’s another app that’s just landed on the market from TeleNav.  TeleNav, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA , has announced their version of the GPS app known as Navigator 6.0. It looks to be an upgrade from the popular and feature rich app already available for mobile phones. But some major enhancements include: speech recognition – user can press a button while voicing destination or address – this feature can also be used to find specific businesses or bring up maps of that region, there is also lane assistance - which indicates the proper lane the driver needs to be in based on the directions the GPS is following. It also includes Red Light Camera Alerts; an audible alert will be heard when approaching one. As well as freeway speed limit information with a visual warning when speed limit is exceeded.

Perhaps the biggest improvement from both companies is the capability for the GPS to continue to function and provide service even if wireless is lost.  When directions or a route is requested the GPS will download the entire route and maps surrounding the area to the hand held. Which will reduce awkward interruptions. Once wireless is restored everything goes back into full service.

So which will you choose?

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