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GPS GLONASS GALILEO synergy at Telematics Detroit 2011 exhibition floor

by Rusti 2011-07-22 14:40

GPS handheld Rino 610 the entry level with Rino 655t at the high endGPS and Wireless worldwide leaders presence at Telematics Detroit 2011 Exhibition Floor is both stunning and educational. First of all I liked the the car part of the motto theme of the Telematic Detroit "... As the Car Becomes the Ultimate Mobile Device". Just think about it. It really does. I tried to calculate my family composite time spent daily in the car or truck (for many families more than one vehicle), plus weekend trips to outdoor locations. For the whole family the car, the Ultimate Mobile Device, has become a safe, convenient environment to enjoy time together. With GPS and wireless technology it is almost as convenient as home theater or, for some of us the work office. We live in our cars. It also carries our bikes and kayaks or surfing boards to GPS discovered site seeing locations for geocaching, kayaking, cycling, fishing and hunting fun with GPS device equipped with quad helix high sensitive compact GPS antenna, similar to the one embedded in the newest Garmin's Rino 655t (new Rino family: Rino 610, Rino 650 and Rino 655t is in preorder and expected to become Available After 7/29/2011.)

Further analysis of the list of companies presenting themselves at Telematics Detroit 2011 is interesting for us as small but energetic company focused at helping our Valued Customers select and enjoy the best of the GPS navigational solutions technology gadgets delivered to the world locations as we ship internationally.  International geography of GPS devices is greatly affected by the international GPS standards such as GPSS, GLONASS and Galileo. On the  Telematics Detroit 2011 list one can notice companies providing universal multiple standard GPS solutions ranging from micro-miniature chips to complex diversified platform GPS device and GPS service synergy-aggregated systems.

The GLONASS awareness is one of the hot topics for GPS standards and technology innovation. The Russian market alone for global positioning projects is huge from both geographical coverage and need for most urgent massive problem solving (like the control of waste management trucking fleet, as one example) and may promise a long term perspectives to both truck-automotive and global positioning technology and services leading companies. They range from worldwide GPS navigational system and services providers to micro-miniature chip and application developers getting ready for mass production of GPSS-GLONASS-Galileo capable navigational solutions.

Russian GLONASS-K satellite constellation system is still in the completion phase and goes through testing to find its internationally balanced realm between being an alternative to the USA GPS system, and establish itself as a reliable complementary global positioning provider service for international market of GPS receiver systems and global positioning aware services.  While the next phase is in progress the GPS technology leaders worldwide are getting ready for the GLONASS-K phase completion to have universal chip sets, smart phone GPS applications and GPS devices ready for mass production. The successful blend of GPS and GLONASS fully functional GPS receiver micro-miniature chipset base and quad helix high sensitive compact GPS antennas are coming to the market by the end of this year to let GPS integrators jump on the coming train of GLONASS-K enabled market openings which are also affected by other GPS standards Galileo, QZSS and SBAS.

Telematics Detroit 2011

Telematics Detroit 2011



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