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GPS - Global Tracker Tool

by GPS4US 2010-01-15 01:47

After going through this entire article, you will come to know what are GPS, how it works, recent improvements, its technology and the benefits. This is in regard with both the professionals and the public. First and the foremost is its expansion, GPS stands for Global Positioning system and it usually refers to the GPS receiver. Since 1980s, the American department of defense is using the GPS system for their operations. Later, they made it available for the public in reasonable rates. This receiver is capable of receiving signal from the satellites, circling the earth. There are totally 24 satellites, out of which minimum of three or four are visible from the earth. Everyday, they approximately make two circles around our earth.

GPS receiver is capable of recognizing four or more satellite signals sent to the earth. Through these signal, the receiver calculates its distance to the satellite and finally locates its position on the earth. This is the principle behind the GPS system. It is enough if the receiver locates just three satellites but it will always try to locate as many as possible to generate more accurate results. It calculates the distance, by manipulating the time taken by the satellite to transfer the signal to the receiver. The signal that is used for these transactions are of high frequency, low power radio waves. These waves have all the details about the distance and location of the satellites.

There are demerits in using GPS system mainly due to reasons like weather and signal interference which gives inaccurate results. To correct these problems, you can go for the differential GPS system, which is present in the base of the stations on the earth. With the help of the hardware installed, it signals the correct location of the station and conveys the details regularly to the GPS receiver. However, it works only when the differential GPS technology is present in those stations. Usually it gives information in term of latitude and longitude. For the sake of customers, the system programs the data and projects it as a neatly designed map in a LCD display. It can be used in automobiles so that you will know exactly the route, whether it is local, across the country, or global.

When you come to know the exact directions, you can avoid enquiring passerby, which ultimately saves your time and fuel. This same technology is also beneficial for the delivery services, like courier services to keep track of their vehicles allowing you to stay cool in business. Second, when you go for hiking in woods or for any camping, there is no need for you to worry about the way-out if you carry a GPS system. Same way in the oceans, you can use the device and especially for fishermen this is most favourable.

For instance, if he finds a hotspot for fishing and wants to make a note of that spot, GPS system will help you guide in your subsequent journey. Most important use of it is to track a vehicle, let it be your child, family member or an automobile run by some delivery services. GPS system will help you locate them, thereby reducing your burden. You can also protect your car by attaching this device so that you will be able to locate it on any theft. The happy note is that you will be able to spot your car in just few minutes of the theft. This implies two advantages – one you can get back your vehicle without damage and put the thief behind the bars.

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