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GPS bracelet leads police to missing man

by GPS4US 2013-12-09 15:56

Six years ago, the Sarasota, Fla., Police Department developed a program to hand out GPS bracelets to
people with a high potential to go missing.

That program, named Project Lifesaver, lived up to its name recently when it helped police locate a
mentally disabled man who disappeared one night.

Police used the system to track him down in the mangroves of Caspersen Beach, more than two miles from
home, according to Florida police station WTSP.

"It's nothing but mangroves and debris -- it's really thick," Venice officer Bill Masters told WTSP. 

"It was so thick we couldn't crawl through it," said another officer.

Officers say that Project Lifesaver has a 100 percent success rate, and the GPS technology has proven
to be a powerful tool in tracking missing persons. Each client is given an original radio frequency
downloaded into the police department’s database. The tracking bracelet emits a chirping sound that
gets louder as it gets closer to the missing person.

It has been in use since 2007. It has a perfect 50 for 50 success rate. Users must pay a  $275 fee and
$7 a month. However, the department offers financial assistance. 

The mentally disabled man suffered only cuts and bruises, but was lucky to be found alive. Police said
that high tide was just a few hours away.

Currently, there are 75 users of the GPS bracelet, 30 of which are autistic children or children with
downs syndrome.

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