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GPS data proves valuable for British rugby team

by GPS4US 2013-06-26 18:07
When George North went down with a hamstring injury, his team – the British and Irish Lions – weren’t sure the rugby player would be able to suit up for an upcoming match against Australia.

But information the team gathered from a GPS unit in North’s jersey which showed the Lions their player was ready to go.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, North underwent a series of rigorous fitness test to show his hamstring was in good enough shape to play in the match. After the test, the team compared the GPS readings to previous data to ensure North’s health.

The Lions have taken to wearing GPS chips in their shirts during practices and games, giving the team’s trainers and doctors a better look at their players’ conditioning. Lions sports scientist Brian Cunniffe and head of strength and conditioning Adam Beard use the GPS data to devise a “performance app” for each player. They monitor each player’s workload, hydration levels and sleep patterns. As a result, they can devise practice methods at higher intensity than games, giving the Lions an edge late in matches.

The GPS chips show that some players run up to 10 kilometers per match.

“The big thing about the GPS is that we don’t use it to hold guys back,” Beard told the Telegraph. “We use it (to) increase performance.

The GPS chips seem to be making competition easier for the Lions. If you’d like to find a GPS unit to improve your performance in any sport, just browse our Fitness products.

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