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GPS enabled micro miniature chip with quad helix antenna helps track wild bird's travel patterns

by Russel 2011-08-08 13:42 GPS tracking approach in bird's scientific researchThe latest developments in the GPS navigation micro chip innovation let wild nature researchers and animal scientists find new ways of gathering previously unavailable information about planet Earth flora and fauna symbiotic relationship patterns. Researchers attach a lightweight micro miniature backpack containers carrying GPS navigational tracking microchip devices with quad helix antenna to the big and medium size wild birds. The GPS tracking devices record the birds’ precise location in short intervals of several minutes. The bird's GPS navigator is couples with several tiny sensors which compose the bird's current exact position and several other readings within the GPS chirp data packet.

Wild bird's speed, velocity, acceleration, multi-dimentional positioning information, heartbeat monitoring and temperature allow scientists to collect and measure the wild birds’ daily activity patterns. The micro-miniature GPS navigational devices are design to fully function during about two week time-span. Once the GPS enabled bird travel pattern research container completes the mission it self de-attaches and falls off the bird's back. The bird's micro-miniature GPS tracker system is somewhat similar to the well known Astro 220/320 and DC 30/DC 40 dog collar or other similar size animals GPS tracking system which has been used on dogs, pigs, giraffes and even panthers by the pet trainers, hunters, zoo animal care specialists and wild animals and nature research scientists all over the world.

bird gps tracking device

With medium and small size birds it took an extra swing of micro-miniature GPS chips innovation to come up with the very tiny and lightweight GPS enabled designs. As soon as the low-Voltage low-Current GPS micro chips coupled with quad helix GPS antennas, which became extremely sensitive and micro-miniature as well, together with increased on-board memory and CPU power became available. The extremely sensitive and micro-miniature GPS Lego-s can now accumulate and pre-process the multi-dimentional arrays of information including the GPS constellation data pinpointed with the topographic map and packed along with sensor arrays of information into the compressed and high impulse radio signals. These burst chirps are transmitted  by the GPS tracker system enabled micro-bag on the bird's back and out every five to fifteen minutes.

Solar power is widely used in the micro miniature GPS navigational devices for bird's study too to allow for virtually unlimited GPS data collection. The only limit is put in place for the ocean bird not to be wearied by carrying the GPS backpack, so it falls off the bird based either on the timer setting or the warning condition generated by the heartbeat monitor and other sensors readings. The radio streams of compressed data from the bird is receivable in the range of coupe miles by the Astro-like GPS receivers, which are empowered by the software application capable to compare the ocean bird's and other wild animals pinpoint GPS location with the GPS receiver hub topo map location and do the post-processing of the compressed packet of bird's complete data. Once all aforementioned GPS enabled ingredients became available on the modern microelectronics market, the international researchers and wild nature bird's scientists almost immediately come up with the innovative designs of the GPS navigational equipment fit into the lightweight micro miniature bird-friendly containers to make a new breakthrough in learning about the wonderful world around us from nature.   


GPS backpack helps nature researchers

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