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GPS ensures students on the right track to Denver schools

by GPS4US 2013-10-28 17:35

Sometimes your kid gets on the wrong bus for school.

It happens.

But the Denver Public School system is taking GPS measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again, as students now scan a card every time they enter or leave a school bus. The card’s information lets officials know which students are on which bus and where, exactly, that bus is. Soon, parents will be able to track that same information from their own computers.

It’s been great. They love scanning. They get on, they scan it, they’re happy,” said Denver Public School driver Delissa Gaines. “They can do it themselves. It’s great. We don’t lose any kids. That’s for sure.”

GPS on school busses are nothing new. The technology has helped school districts track scheduling and pickups for years. However, this is an innovative technological step for one of America’s largest public school systems.

The program is called Plus Pass, and is paid for through grants and money from the school district’s general fund.


If parents who have to pick up their kids from the bus miss the connection, they will know where the bus is and alter their route.


““If there’s nobody there to pick-up the child, that child stays on the bus. And parents usually call in and say, ‘We missed the bus.’ We can track the bus is and call transportation,” said Ray Mondragon, the principal at Escalante Briggs Academy.


So far, the Plus Pass system is getting good reviews from students and parents. That’s no surprise. Peace of mind is one of the greatest gifts of GPS technology. 

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