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GPS headship Technology Sector market watch and GPS health update with quick look at Garmin (GRMN) chart

by Rus Abz 2011-07-26 11:43


Economy is generating the heartbeat of most current events and path indicators, not easy to decipher, especially for the small but energetic company as we, the gps4us are. But we are trying;). Using the GPS lexicon our "wind vane" or "wind sensor" is the market Technology Sector XLK indicator which we consider to be just that - the GPS related wind vane. Since our previous check of the market standing of the GPS innovation as part of the industry trends reflected, only in general, by, as one example to illustrate the check point, the Technology SPDR (ETF) (Public, NYSE: XLK) otherwise referred to as the SPDR Select Sector Fund Technology (NYSEArca: XLK ) and using friendly pretty helpful for anyone, even not a charting gury, the online charting tools.

XLK SPDR Technology chart as on 20110726

Looking at the chart it is more o less obvious that the GPS market is sensing the economy and the electronics industry heartbeat all right. As we are checking now the health of the technology trying to clear muddy waters of market noise, the path of GPS satellite positioning technology, and the path of the general technology stock market health today is not too bad. We glad to see the GPS leader companies like Garmin (GRMN) as we use the free technical indicators charting tools and only discussing the result we can see at the technical chart, the GPS leading company is staying around the support level we have noticed last time we have checked. As i stated before i do not own GRMN but i do consider Garmin to be absolutely among the top three GPS leadership companies in the world.

Garmin GRMN 2011 0726 free chart



Observing the charts one may ask why would not some individual chart movement be as aggressive in following the technology sector chart? Expressing my personal opinion i would think the answer may be in just one word - Innovation. The leader company is working hard on GPS innovation to be the leader and, as such, may have to spend anywhere from 30% to 60% (percent) of the profit on the innovation in my humble opinion. There may be lag too between the innovation is born and to the point where it beats its way into the profit, whether as the GPS product and/or GPS service. Without innovation any GPS technology leading company may be at risk of falling into the follower niche.

Looking at the GPS navigational suite of devices and services including and not limited to the on the water, on the road, in the air, in the open space, on your bike, on the wrist of an athlete and in the geocaching enthusiast or hunter's hand - hundreds of different models of innovative GPS devices, the related management services, the hardware and software involved in the support, the best and brightest idea generation, selection and followup in design, development and production, plus million GPS industry leadership factors you know about better than i do, like mergers and acquisitions, etc. etc. All these factors suck cash to get moving. Cash comes from profit and from the stock market. That is the simplest explanation of the GPS leader chart behavior not necessarily reflecting the same scale and amplitude of change compared to XLK technology SPDR chart. Just looking at charts and trying to understand what are the the factors and forces behind them, what makes charts move, in which direction and how far? Time will show. Happy GPS technology innovation chart watching!       

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