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GPS independent navigation system for autonomous vessels

by Rus Abz 2011-11-04 12:00


Marine autonomous navigationFor autonomously navigating vehicles operating in GPS-denied environments, such as underwater, deep canyon or in urban settings with high possibility of GPS satellite constellation signals weakened levels or being jammed by enemy interference, the new onboard navigational technology comes to rescue. Being fully GPS compatible and, at the same time completely autonomous and self contained, the novel inertial navigation system is designed to meet the growing need of the world's navies for more accurate and reliable marine navigation systems and represents the state of the art fibre-optic gyroscope technology.

The MARINS independent positioning platform is a solution which does not need constant input of GPS navigation data. It keeps track of nuclear submarine position, heading, roll, pitch, depth and velocities, and is perfectly silent with average drift rate significantly better than 1 degree per hour. The system is based on advanced gyroscope technology for reliable navigation and stabilization of the autonomous vehicle in demanding battlefield, aerospace and under-sea environments. New navigation systems for nuclear-powered attack submarines are capable of keeping the drift less than 1Nm in 24 hours while operating in pure inertial mode. With a high free inertial performance less than 1 nautical mile in 24 hours, the MARINS independent positioning platform is ideally suited to all types of naval vessels such as offshore patrol vessels, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers and attack submarines. It is compatible with a wide range of aiding sensors and can be engaged into fully operational mode within minutes.

Traditionally micro electromechanical navigational devices, optical gyroscopes such as fiber optic gyroscopes and ring laser gyroscopes were typically used to aid autonomous vehicle navigation, when global positioning system GPS navigation data is denied by jamming attack or becomes oherwise unavailable. The key problem with older micro electromechanical systems is that have a larger drift rate which leads to faster degradation of angle errors. Also modern nuclear submarine stay underwater for extremely long time, significantly extending the duration of time required for operation in a GPS-denied environment with very low drift rate. These aspects combined with the motions executed by the platform and the increased azimuth accuracy required over the submarine mission duration, are among other highly important factors which put the MARINS independent positioning platform as one answering all challenges including minimum gyroscope drift rate between GPS aided recalibration sessions. 

MARINS independent positioning platform is based upon the best fiber optic technology that provides maintenance free, precise and reliable solution. With lowest power consumption in its class it works without acoustic noise unlike ring laser gyroscopes and has no moving parts or critical elements that deteriorate over time. The system outputs extremely accurate position, heading, roll, pitch, depth and velocity data which can be distributed to supporting aircraft carriers, marine navigation systems and weapons command and control centers. The independent positioning platform navigational output data stream could be integrated, by means of marine networking backbone with other GPS compatible onboard sub-systems and GPS aware devices such as autopilots, radars and chartplotters.   

Marine navigation systems


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