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Garmin Astro for your truck and new baby hunting dog

by Rus Abz 2011-06-11 18:08


Garmin (GRMN) Astro GPS GARMIN Astro 320 and DC 40 Bundle for your truck and new baby dogalways comes to help when you are finding yourself in the middle of a new terrain, which is unexplored - it  could happen when you less expect it to, that your hunter truck stucks in an unexpected mud pool or off road obstacle, and on top of that your hunting dog goes on its own and into dense tall grass or under thick tree cover, and your other friend dog goes in different direction. While you take care rescuing the truck and checking upon your new baby hunting dog sitting inside and looking at your heroic effort encouraging you to “yeah buddy you can make it!” 

Garmin gps comes to help
Baby dog looks at you asking "Have you got me a new Astro bundle?" in the meanwhile his elder brother happy hunter dogs ran far away and you lost them. Not with Astro and DC 40 dog collars. In fact Astro has many features (how about barometricaltimeter just for one) found in advanced gps GPSMAP 60CSx and map savvy 62s or 62st portables. Every 5 to 10 to 120 seconds, depending on the battery life setting, DC 40 dog tracking collar sends out its VHF chirp beacon signal protected by four digit PIN of your choice unique for every pet, to Astro Gps receiver in your hand, which, having its satellite navigational information calculates and displays precise pinpoint of every dog most current position within hunt area together with track trace. And better yet it lets your pet sporty hunter go anywhere his instinct and training leads him. Astro is always taking care of showing you where your friendly dogs are, would you imagine you can have 7 more new baby hunting dogs as Astro manages up to ten dog collars (!) simultaneously pinpointing precisely his current location and tracking his path, no matter how far in 7-mile range of the direct sight they decided to go for their own hunt 

Here we have added some more information about Astro DC 30 vs DC 40 dog tracking collars.

Happy and quality outdoors time with your loved ones!



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