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Garmin and Jeppesen new affordable aviation databases allow more pilots to fly safe

by Rus Abz 2011-06-21 10:49

Aviation database from Garmin allows safe Jet Aircrafts flightsWhether you are piloting a multi-million super expensive commercial jet, or a future concept of the new generation jet fighter, an advanced helicopter, or a tiny personal prop airplane having the up to date updated and accurate aviation databases feeding your GPS navigator with precise date is crucial for your and your passengers safety. Garmin and Jeppesen are working along the lines of improving the quality of the databases and lowering the price making aviation databases more affordable even for the novice pilots, crews and aircraft owners. Pilots would appreciate their aviation databases always in up to date, synchronized with the latest changes and additions of precision data state. Garmin International Inc., is a unit of Garmin Ltd., the global leader in GPS navigational technology and satellite navigation. Jeppesen is a leading provider of aeronautical charting and navigation services working in sync with leading GPS navigational devices and services..

Regardless of the flight length, distance, and complexity, and regardless of the size of the aircraft, from the smallest planes and helicopters to giant airliners, all pilots depend on the aviation databases for flight safety and reliability of the readings of the GPS and other integrated navigational devices. The passengers as well as owners of the aircraft may be more confident in the reliability, timing arrival and safety in the air and while taking off or landing. Therefore the new generation of the affordable and convenient aviation databases, as the result of the partnership collaborative effort of Garmin and Jeppesen is offering pilots and airplane owners and other aviation GPS devices and services customers all-in one package coupled with the comprehensive support win-win solution. Garmin and Jeppesen just announced PilotPak™, a new bundle pricing program for databases on select Garmin panel mount avionics devices including Garmin GPS navigators. The PilotPak provides an affordable single aircraft pricing structure and simplifies the database purchase decision making and obtaining process by offering a one-stop aviation database and supporting services purchasing and future updates experience.


Detailed information on this topic is available in the News Releases of the Garmin Newsroom.


Garmin  Aviation database Chart



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