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Garmin nuvi 3000 next generation of automotive GPS line of products becomes a building block of mutually interactive traffic revolution

by Russel 2011-06-09 11:48

garmin nuvi 2250 for your car

Garmin (GRMN) nuvi 3000 newest line of automotive navigational devices and corresponding topo map services for cars and trucks positioned among the best and most advanced GPS navigational devices in cars and trucks GPS market niche. Holding in hand or having on the dashboard or marine visor friendly and convenient gps navigator rare we think what is happening behind the curtain in the human traffic centric “gps xm satellite” driven universe.

automotive GPS device

We are witnessing another spiral swish of GPS revolution aren’t we or it is an evolutionary link? I would not challenge the terminology and ways it will happens, most likely it is a symbiotic mix of revolution and evolution of several new technologies (Moore law still works;). Obviously yet silently the global positioning system is melting together with global two-way traffic guidance and control system. More precisely these are arrays or of interconnected systems and services stretched across world's geography and unique social areas. Indeed the GPS and XM Traffic sub-platforms and their services are dependent on the Geo connectivity profile which is, in turn, constantly changing quite differently in Europe, Middle East Asia and the United States.

automobile dashboard mounted gps navigational system

US has a dominant layer of field equipment and services to run a digital radio infrastructure which is promising to become a standard but has to go an extra mile, supported by major automobile giants yet to become a new standard for automobiles. A weak link in GPS XM satellite enabled gigantic chain is not new for experts - it is still the enhanced data transfer and transformation suite of services.

Such suite should include more than half of vehicles on the road coverage, rendering parking information, weather conditions, current traffic status and estimated changes along with the latest news, preferably, if not require-ably, with active interactive two way communication data streams channel. It is unknown for both Europe and the US how would newcoming iPod - iPhone like smart portables cooperate with new service player the digital radio all together fit with and interconnect to play a concert with satellite radio sharing standardized two way data? 

We could only guess based off the INRIX traffic in real time Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch on the one hand and Toyota most likely adopting INRIX, as well as many other players involved in the puzzle of the real-time traffic data like Navteq, XM Sirius, OnStar, TrafficCast and, how the revolutionized evolution of the new digital radio embodied in the fabric of the satellite radio spiced with GPS satellite data feeds will succeed in the palm of your hand and in the dashboard of your automobile and marine vehicle.  

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