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GeoCaching inspires GeoGraphing as Nation-wide new outdoor adventure

by gps4us news 2011-09-14 15:59


Geocaching FunWith recent years boost in availability of GPS services and applications, including the latest developments for GPS mobile applications and multi-dimensional mapping services for personal communicators, like Google (GOOG) Maps for Mobile as just one example, more and more GPS enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers all over the world participate in the GeoCaching phenomenon. Geocaching is an enjoyable outdoor fun search for often rare and special treasures hidden by other GPS enthusiasts. The located longitude and latitude of the treasure site is put as a so called "waypoint" in your GPS handheld navigator. Follow the direction pointer on your GPS and it will place you within about 25 feet of the "treasure". once the geoCache souvenir is found, as a courtesy you replenish the treasure vault with your own souvenir. Geocaching has proven to be lots of fun and an excellent outdoor activity for anyone from kids to seniors.

And what is the new adventure called "GeoGraphing"? Like Geocaching, the GeoGraphing is an outdoor fun game for GPS enthusiasts, family and friends and, in fact, the community of outdoor enthusiasts. At the same time the GeoGraphing activities become a Geography educational project shared among thousands of people Nation-wide. The treasure is the digital picture which you take knowing the exact GPS longitude, latitude and elevation of the place.  GeoGraphing is the outdoor activity which allows anyone to put together a photograph of the place you travel around, the digital picture of the place provides precise Global Positioning System, the GPS coordinates and exact time your beautiful picture is taken. Next you add the image to your digital photo collection, for simplicity using a file name to identify the GPS coordinates. With precise location information the photograph represents a historical snapshot, a shared document of the photographed place of interest or any other location of your choice. The photo becomes a "geograph", a specific digital landmark freely shared with the other geopraphers online and flagging the particular  location, place of interest, as a milestone for future generations. Ideally with every person owning the GPS navigator and camera, often combined in a single personal communicator, like smartphone, changes on our planet over time could be captured by geographing enthusiasts to create the openly shared digital geography high precision map of your Nation landscape and the planet Earth.  

GNew outdoor activity with GPS in hand - the adventure of GeoGraphingeoGraphing is new activity and it has many facets. For example at 10,959 members have contributed 2,585,104 images covering 263,396 grid squares, or 79.4% of of Great Britain and Ireland. The GeoGraphing community is growing every day naturally supporting the national photography project and contributing more photographs representing the landmark images in grid squares, together with corresponding longitude, latitude and elevation, so the geographical "Award points" may be calculated and awarded to contributing geographing enthusiasts.

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