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Gold makes a quick dive easing application of the gold alloy microelectronics technology innovation

by Rus Abz 2011-08-24 14:37

Innovation in Micro-Chip industry and Gold stock market As gold is becoming less expensive, for example the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) have soared loosing 5.6% in just one trading day on stock market, gold's biggest daily drop in last three and a half years. For global precious electronics industry technology leaders it helps to use more gold as gold continues to fall. Gold is a major wire bonding conductor of key importance for micro and macro electronics development and manufacturing process. The extraction cost for miners to get gold, copper or aluminum out of the ground is still  low enough. Now that the precious metal seems to becomes more affordable the process of electronics industry manufacturing have a chance to take advantage of lower price of gold and benefit from using more gold in the innovative technologies. 

innovation gold wire bond connectivity bus of the micro chip

Gold defines much of the final quality, performance and durability of wide range of computing and electronics devices, first and foremost processors, co-processors, memory, communication chips and antennas, GPS navigational and network communication micro miniature devices. In fact gold and aluminum are major conductive materials for is all kinds of micro electronics equipment ranging from small footprint wristwatch heart rate monitors and wearable GPS personal trainer devices, to the database server and supercomputer in the GPS satellite command center processing enormous amounts of information collected by dozens of constellation satellites and thousands of GPS navigational sensor arrays on Earth surface worldwide as well as floating on the Ocean waves.    

Gold, copper, aluminum and their alloys are the key high conductive metals for bonding connections wiring, which well coexist with germanium and silicon. Gold bonding wire is normally specified as 99.99% purity. The bonding wire chemical quality is carefully controlled to provide the bonded micro miniature device with required mechanical and electrical properties of gold bonding wire. Gold and aluminum alloys are used as connectivity fabric forming bus connection streams between any Integrated Circuit internal micro miniature core components and the base of the mounting package. Newly invented gold-based conductive alloys  are in the high 99.9% purity range. Such alloys provide improved quality and reliability in an extremely fine pitch of  less than 50 µm gold alloy bonding ball diameter. 

The new gold based alloys are applicable for ball formation with lower temperature of bonding process firing a spark to melt the wire tip into a bonding ball. The new gold alloy keeps high conductivity and required electrical properties after ball formation. The volume of the zone affected by the heat is minimized. The heat from the gold alloy wire tip melting ball is transferred from the ball up the gold alloy wire. A newly introduced gold alloy allows for high quality, better strength and stiffness for advanced gold alloy wire bonding. The lower price of gold, the newly invented gold, copper and aluminum alloys and bonding wire tip ball formation technologies are opening new horizon for new generation of micro miniature electronics equipment such as central processing units and memory, GPS navigator receivers with embedded quad helix antennas and Internet front-end to backbone high speed communication chips. Gold alloys are crucial in the process of engineering and delivering to the CPU markets micro miniature devices with low heat dissipation, decreased power consumption, increased performance, delivering higher quality and longer durability on top of the newest multi-core multiple layered hyper-threading turbo-boost architecture using Microchip connecting wire (T370/0793 Rights Managed) and other new and advanced gold alloy technologies.  Microchip connecting wire (T370/0793 Rights Managed)



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