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Google and Motorola deal shows how innovative intellectual property acquisition forms new market opportunities for portable handheld devices

by Rus Abz 2011-08-15 11:49



Android InnovationThe modern world of micro-miniature chip sets integrated with advanced high sensitive quad helix antennas and driven by smart operating systems capable of handling the 3G and 4G communication interfaces are critical mix of innovative hardware and software platforms and related 3G and 4G services, which form the efficiently running rich interface environments for millions of modern smartphones and tablets and GPS handheld devices ready to hit the market.

The aggressive competition in this realm of portable devices which become part of human life are pushing technology market leaders to try the new business models for handling the innovation and intellectual property portfolios looking into the new horizons of next generations of most efficient portable handheld devices, while stepping into the unpredictable coalitions of possibly competing platforms and under the common umbrella. The bright new example of such a move is Google (GOOG) to buy Motorola Mobility. So far Google has been maintaining close partnership in the realm of an experimental developments in the realm of portable and handset device platforms with established manufacturers of micro-miniature personal use equipment including Samsung and HTC.

Having Android operating system in hand and reaching into the hardware manufacturers production lines Google empowers its ready to use device market with Motorola Mobile manufacturing business. Historically, HTC and Motorola were among first to provide an early support for Google's Android operating system. On the other hand Motorola owns an outstanding intellectual property innovation portfolio which is estimated to count about 7500 pending with USPTO patent applications and 17000 United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patents.

Time will show how Google will be handling the peaceful coexistence of several, in fact competing with each other, hardware and operating system platforms spread across manufacturing processes of HTC, Motorola, Samsung and other handheld, smartphone and tablet device and related services providers. Google itself is carrying a handful of real time online services for handheld devices of all kinds. Just one but hot example could be the newest wave of Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled navigational applications and services coupled with pre-loaded and update-able in real time high precision GPS Topographic Map empowered by the 3D Google Maps, and other Topo Map services providers. We have touched on the new developments in the United States National Geospatial Program to widen range of GPS Topographic Map services.

With Android and other portable devices operating systems developer communities growing at a logarithmic scale the creation of the improved real-time GPS Topo Map services consuming applications for smartphones and other real time powered services available down the business integration chain, as Motorola has been making new steps in renewing its strong relationships with Sprint Nextel. Even further and beyond current separation of mobile portable handhelds and TV devices and services, Motorola develops a TV-set-top box projects establishing business relationship with Global communication carriers and high speed cable services providers. In the new light of Google and Motorola integration there is an innovative opportunity touch point technical and business services integration between the TV-set-top box and mobile devices lines of cnet com Google and Motorola Mobile

Google technology innovation umbrella becomes more colorful with Motorola Mobile acquisition which makes the Android foundation stronger, however the other handheld and portable computing hardware and OS software operating platforms will not suffer as Google Mobile Organization is enthusiastic about discovering new and effective ways of peaceful coexistence and effective development of all mobile platforms. Google continues to cooperate with valued Android partners to continue innovative development of Android portable ecosystem at the same time taking advantage of all available ways to enhance the horizon of of the embedded OS, as well as user friendly applications and services across Google empowered handheld and portable device base serving millions of users around the world.

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