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Hot Summer for GPS micro miniature GPS chip with integrated GPS antenna

by Russel 2011-06-22 13:20

Coin size miniature GPS chip with embedded GPS antennaIt is a middle of the Summer and new hot developments in the GPS microchip industry following the International Multi-Country GPS Standards, are taking place while many of us, equipped with GPS devices go outdoors for geocaching, hunting, fishing, boating, cycling and mountain climbing. In the meanwhile the new generation of GPS technology is approaching fast. Starting at the fundamentals, meaning at the micro chip level of GPS device, we are watching how the world's smallest GPS microchip is doing. The unique wonder of microelectronic art and science has been announced by Finnish company Fastrax earlier this year in the realm of the world’s smallest GPS microchip device with GPS antenna included. The size of the micro GPS assembly is less than 2 by 10 by 15 millimeters which is comparable to one US Cent, or one Russian Kopeika or one Finnish Penni.

This miniature GPS microchip universal module is a fully functioning and interface-able micro-miniature GPS solution positioning Kopeika size chip with sensitive antenna right into the burning oven of the world GPS micro-miniature solutions, aiming to satisfy the growing requirements of the GPS handheld navigators, geocaching beacons and rapidly advancing smart phones. Not to mention that Finnish scientists and engineers were capable to introduce the complete in a single chip the GLONASS and GPSS enabled full-GPS-featured navigational device with open accessibility and programming interface. To us it seems that it is just a question of time when GPS manufacturers will be looking for the combined GLONASS and GPSS version of the microchip with GLONASS and GPS capable embedded antennas.

An example of the internationally dispersed GPS standards brought together in the single GPS microchip, the miniature module with efficient GPS antenna, is the Fastrax IT600 GPS chip. It includes the USA GPSS, the Russian Glonass, the Japanese QZSS and SBAS in a tiny factor GPS receiver module. The existing IT600 is a probe, in my opinion, may tackle GPS market, testing its readiness to adopt an integration of the internationalized GPS standards in a single, unified GPS receiver solution, preferably packed in a single micro miniature module with GPS antenna(s) tuned to the specific GPS satellite constellation broadcast. International GPS users would appreciate opening the door to the GPS cross-countries integration. This will allow embed an internationalized GPS into almost any kind of high performance GPS receiver, with new burst of GPS software applications into smart phones, and GPS capable tracking systems for location aware installations anywhere in the world. Time will show. 

In the meanwhile Finland based Fastrax targets mid-Summer 2011 to deliver the first engineering samples of Fastrax UC430 miniature factored GPS chip. As to the timing of this pioneering micro-module volume production, supported by necessary services to ease use of this embeddable, interface-able, complete and high-performance GPS micro-solution with low power consumption, which makes it suited ideally for GPS-enabled handheld computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, asset tracking devices, geocaching enthusiast's equipment and more, it is awaited some time end of Autumn 2011.

Here at we do have a variety of internationalized GPS solutions in stock, just go to our online store and type in the "Search Product" field "GLONASS" to see the multi-standard aware GPS devices and accessories available in our store.


We will continue to cover the newest GPS microchip development trends of this and other GPS Technology leaders, like Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine and more, in our upcoming gps4us News articles.

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