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In-Vehicle Cloud Computing and Networking platform at a heart of the next generation Safe Car

by Rus Abz 2012-01-06 12:25


Cars are rapidly becoming fully networked inside and out computing platforms. General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Renault-Nissan, Ford and other automotive manufacturers are working on making an automobile a fully integrated computing platform with full networking capabilities. In-vehicle application landscape has been shaped by innovative design approaches of most talented engineering force in the automotive, communication and computing industries over past decade with close collaboration among car designers. As a result of breakthrough integration of car safety, GPS navigation, autopilot and entertainment systems the new generation of automobile world’s most complete and modular In-Vehicle Cloud Computing solution possibly imaginable. Voice and data communications, on the road GPS navigation and vehicle tracking, management of vehicle telemetry are fully integrated on a single powerful platform.

In-car cloud computing integrated platformThe cloud category consists of car application platform that keeps itself accurately updated in real time. It utilizes the vehicle's onboard high speed network, GPS and satellite communications system and virtually represents a fully integrated vehicle virtual model created in the computer memory. The in-vehicle cloud cloud computing services manage interoperability of the suite of the vehicle onboard systems and applications. It knows how to separate front and backseat content areas, GPS navigation, autopilot and diagnostic instrumentation controls for the driver. The three dimensional maps are transparently rendered on the windshield for the safer driving, the mapping services and 3D topographic maps database includes thousands of include points of interest and receives real time information from the GPS satellite constellation. The back seat infotainment content area serves radio, video and entertainment features for all passengers. 

On the road safety applications are an integral part of the in-vehicle cloud services. They interact with vehicle lightweight electronic onboard sensors and controls that run and monitor vehicle diagnostics services, use GPS satellite constellation information to locate and connect to the car service shop and to the infrastructure-to-car stationary services. Safety sensor arrays include laser, ultrasonic and infrared object detection technologies as well as front-mounted cameras on car bumpers and side mirrors.

car infotainment and safety featuresSafety system applications run at the highest priority among in-vehicle cloud services. The safety weather alert control and reporting service is interacting with global positioning satellites, weather alert system and depending on the changing traffic and weather conditions takes care of timely engaging the car's fog lights, night vision system, advice on adjusting the traction control settings or activate car's rain-sensing wipers. Interoperation of GPS enabled safety services allows clusters of vehicles traveling together track each other along the journey. The route is shared among the vehicles and fellow travelers, the participating users can see each vehicle telemetry including fuel level and speed, track each vehicle, map routes, send alerts about stops along the way and send voice and text notifications about road conditions and hazards. It also collects data about road and traffic conditions generating and sharing advance notice about poor road conditions or accidents.

in-car cloud networkWith the automobile rapidly becoming a powerful mobile computing platform, the driver and passenger's personal communicators, handheld GPS navigators, smartphones and other mobile devices seamlessly connect to the in-vehicle cloud networking services, as their owners take seats in the car. Pervasive computing allows friendly interfaces for better integration of any personal device into the car virtual environment. The driver and passengers become a team of networked travelers with multiplied power of several handheld personal GPS navigators and communicators. The team can easily find an open parking space and reserve it using the smartphone. Interacting with the social networks a collaborative ride-sharing feature connects drivers with potential carpool passengers in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The app is connected through in-vehicle cloud to social networks friendly interface matching friends who need rides with destinations entered by the driver and also allowing the driver or passenger to invite friends to ride. 

The in-vehicle cloud computing and networking platform employs wide variety of task specific applications and services. Its synchronization service performs the real time timely updates of the integrated components firmware and software to the most current version. The synchronization service also exposes easily pluggable interfaces to connect to the stationary diagnostics and maintenance systems which take care of keeping all onboard systems, instruments and controls healthy, reprogram the car serviceable computerized and electronic components and update it with newest diagnostic applications.

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