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Learning more about GPS while awaiting the newest Garmin Etrex 10, Etrex 20 and Etrex 30 outdoor GPS GLONASS handhelds

by Rus Abz 2011-07-07 12:06

GARMIN eTrex 30 outdoor GPS GLONASS navigator handheld

Just preordered my Etrex 30 and anxious to receive it before my next trip to Moscow, Saint Petersbourg, and Central Russia to discover how the newest GPS gadget will work in my Russian and Central Europe outdoor trips to wild nature, forests, lakes and mountains covered by the GLONASS GPS and European Union Galileo GPS satellite constellations.

GPS chip contains and maintains the almanac mini-database containing log records for each of the well-known GPS satellites in the constellation. This way the GPS chip of your brand new GPS handheld knows where to expect the GPS signals come from GPS satellites orbital positions. Fun starts here as once the GPS navigator's chip has located the satellite using its most sensitive Quad Helix antenna which can sense the 20000-ish kilometers away satellite GPS broadcast. The smart GPS chip begins to interact with the discovered satellite, promptly receiving an updated, most recent satellite's orbital positioning  information and updates the almanac log records in the mini-database of the GPS chip. Once the GPS chip talked via Quad Helix antenna to at least four, or better six, or even eight GPS satellites its almanac mini-database comes to the most current refreshed and updated state, and the next phase of the GPS chip sophisticated algorithms devoted to the measurement of the exact distance to each satellite visible to the GPS navigator in the constellation takes place.GARMIN eTrex 20 gps navigator GPSS-Glonass

The Global Positioning System satellite, and it may be very well be not only of GPS constellation, but belonging to GLONASS, GPSS, QZSS or SBAS different international GPS standards constellations, sends GPS navigator's chip the freshest satellite's positioning orbital information.

The latest GPS navigators, like the newest Garmin Etrex family which includes the GARMIN eTrex 10,
GARMIN eTrex 20 and GARMIN eTrex 30 outdoor GPS navigators. Garmin Etrex family is expected to hit the market after 8/15/2011, are capable of maintaining more than one GPS international standards including GPS and GLONASS.

Some GPS micro-miniature chip manufacturers go an extra lap in extending their GPS enabled micro-chips, like the Japanese Furuno just came up to the GPS market with its newest eRideOPUS 5 GPS chip which supports European eCall, the Assisted-GPS and the Self-ephemeris features. The latest developments of the Finnish Fastrax, on the other hand, with its Fastrax IT600 and Fastrax UC430 micro-miniature GPS chips make it possible for GPS navigational equipment built with these microchips to support the USA GPSS, the Russian Glonass, the Japanese QZSS and SBAS, the UC430 also enjoys the tiny form factor GPS receiver feed by the on-the-chip embedded high sensitive quad helix GPS antenna. So such an advanced multi-GPS-standard GPS micro-chip designs  capable of maintaining the international standard version of the aforementioned the almanac log records database in the chip, with real time update of orbital information for several dozens, if not hundreds GPS satellites launched in different countries and belonging to different international GPS constellations including and not limited to the USA GPSS, the Russian Glonass, the Japanese QZSS and SBAS. GARMIN eTrex 10 gps outdoor navigator international

What happens when we go back to the phase we start looking at in the GPS chip algorithm when time comes to begin measurements of the precise distance to each GPS satellite? We will talk about it in our next mini news articles. Happy GPSS, QZSS, SBAS, Glonass, Galileo GPS-assisted international traveling worldwide!





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