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Lockheed Martin introduces novel 4G Smartphone Tactical Network to support U.S. Marine Corps

by GPS4US 2011-11-11 11:23

Marine Corps Secure NetworkGlobal security technology visionary Lockheed Martin leading research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of secure 4G products, and communication services, successfully implemented the 4G advanced communication matrix and networking technology system based on the extended MONAX core network intended to fully support highly secure rich data 4G communication fabric. The MONAX mobile communicator networking system is a portable private 4G network that provides enhanced voice, data and video services available through a commercial smartphone compatible technologies. MONAX provides users with a 4G private network they can operate anywhere in the world. This secure broadband network system connects state of the art rugged  smart phones to a cellular base station infrastructure, enabling users to securely send and receive rich data information to its users. 

By using an embedded highly secure radio frequency links, the voice, video and data communications are reliably protected by strong distributed encryption methodology. Easily carrying the traditional mobile assistant and personal communicator communication tasks such as modern smartphone provided voice services including voice recognition and voice notification of spoken turn by turn GPS navigator service directions, real time schedule events notifications, efficient email services, text messages and support for hierarchy of incoming and outgoing calls, the rich data backbone delivers secured video and imaging information critical for rendering the high precision three dimensional topographic maps of the surrounding terrain. The fortified encrypting methods enable efficient transfer of pertinent and sensitive information. MONAX security is exportable only to the registered users of the system and can connect hundreds of users to a central communication and management hub base station. 

Tactical NetworkThe capacity and throughput of the newly designed secure system is much higher and the number of users connected to the hub is more than doubled in comparison to other communication systems used to connect and manage the smartphone mobile assistant users. The unique capabilities of the high speed 4G secure network are supported by the robust distributed system management platform which makes this advanced smartphone networking solution suited to support worldwide humanitarian and disaster relief missions. As an unique networking solution that provides a highly secure yet affordable, portable network for a wide range of military, civil and humanitarian missions, the MONAX technology has been chosen as primary smartphone communication platform for the Marine Corps Forces Pacific Experimentation Center and the Office of Naval Research. The highly secure 4G network became an efficient communication matrix backbone of a tactical smartphone network developed by Lockheed Martin to support the U.S. Marine Corps humanitarian assistance and disaster relief critical missions. 

The high speed secure 4G network is capable of delivery to the mobile user the continuous data streams of high resolution images, such as stereo-pair topographic scans which recently became available in the NASA Terra virtual Earth's world map database. Thanks to the robust network mobile users supporting the worldwide humanitarian and disaster relief missions could access topographic maps with improved spatial resolution, increased precision of longitude, latitude and elevation coordinates accuracy. The high quality most current topographic mapping data is updated in real time by 4G secure communication services integrated with global positioning system navigational information provided by NASA's GPS satellite constellation.

NASA Terra and support satellites






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