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Lovelorn wolf OR-7 won’t get new GPS collar

by GPS4US 2014-03-28 16:32

All good things must come to an end.

College, Breaking Bad, acting like crazy teenagers well into our 20s. All of these things had to go
away eventually. Add one more thing to that pile.

Scientists say they’ll no longer follow OR-7, the famous gray wolf who trekked 3,000 miles around the
United States just to find a mate, with a GPS collar once his current one wears off.

So, one of the animal kingdom’s greatest (unrequited) love stories will carry on without any new
information. OR-7 left his Oregon pack in 2011 and has since been tracked wandering around Oregon and
Northern California, looking for a mate. Problem is, Oregon has 64 confirmed wolves, and he’s the only
one in the southern part of the state.

Still, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say they aren’t  going to replace  the GPS collar
he’s been wearing since 2011.

“In reality, we’re not learning much more from the critter,” says the department’s Mark Vargas. “It
would be nice to know if he eventually finds a mate and, if that happens, maybe the fish and wildlife
service will re-collar the animal.”

Maybe that’s good news, in the world of anticlimactic endings.

Good luck OR-7. We know she’s out there somewhere!

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