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Low price, high quality: The wonders of the GPS4US special offers!

by GPS4US 2014-07-14 12:26

You like deals, right?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Why pay more for something you can pay less for. Right?

Ok, so allow us a shameless pitch for a second. We bring you news about the navigation industry every
week, and we’re happy to link you to relative products that will help you get where you want to be. But
what we don’t tell you is that we have a ton of products in our showroom that are discounted as low as
we can go.

To channel our inner used-car salesman, YOU WOULD BE CRAZY TO PASS THESE DEALS UP!!!

Ok, that’s our of our system now. So let’s show you what we have.

Got a dog? We’ve got a way to help you train it. Right now, the Garmin Garmin Astro 320 DC 40 Bundle is just

Wanna hike? Well, don’t hit the trails without the Garmin Montana 600. We’ve  overhauled it, and it
works just like new. And it’s only $369.95. You can also get through nature with the

GPSMAP 62s  for just $224.95.

But maybe you wanna hit the road. We’ve got options, depending on your ride.

If you’re a motorcycle man (or woman) check out the Garmin zumo 660LM, with lifetime maps for $519.95.

Or hop in your car and power up the Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD , also with lifetime maps. And it’s $254.95.

You have a lot to think about, feel free to click the links above and get a feel for what you’re
looking for.

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