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Make your geocache seen!

by GPS4US 2014-03-26 14:20

Ahh, so you hid a geocache, eh?

Probably put it in a smart place, tough to find. Wanna give ‘cachers a challenge, right?

Ok, so you may go a while before someone finds it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain
your geocache. Our friends at remind us that you aren’t done once you plant your cache.

“Geocaches don’t just require maintenance,” the blog post says. “Some may need some more tender loving

So to help, offered a few tips to bring more traffic to your treasure and make sure
that, once it’s found, it’ll be a positive experience.

   -    Rewrite the description: Don’t be afraid to be funny or add some color about the location.
   -    Get creative with the container: By making it memorable, more people will favorite your geocache
        and, in turn, will lead more people to it. Don’t be afraid to switch out your boring container with
        something a little more eye catching. 
   -    Double check your coordinates: Maybe people aren’t finding it because you didn’t tell them where to
        look. Be sure you’re right in your description.
There are some others that will prove very useful to making your cache findable and memorable. For the  whole entry, go here.
And for some geocaching equipment, go here. 

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