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Mapping international customers of Greece Communication Pattern splash on mobile SEO quality requirements and analyzing Technology market indicators

by Rus Abz 2011-08-01 11:57

Our Valued Customers call us from all over the world. We have noticed increase in phone calls from Greece versus “Live Chat” calls or emails, as human nature is such that the personal face to face or voice to voice contact in some cases may result in a better price value balance of both the customer shopping cart and the online store more efficient use of the levers in key milestone gears of the business model. Moreover the instant exposure to our valued customers opinions in their testimonials and frequent communication channels interaction helps find and improve the weaknesses of the online business model. On the other hand checking with leading SEO engines requirements and following the SEO best practices has a great impact on improvement of the website's reader faced quality. 

Following daily the changing SEO requirements and answering the Search Engine Optimization or SEO requirements in a timely manner matters in new and key streams and gateways towards new customer's audiences. The mobile focused SEO requirements recently have changed the way we tune our pages to response to mobile customers. This helps mobile customers to easy negotiate the best deal in an immediate way. It has been said “Куй железо пока горячо” - “Strike while the iron is hot”  - and this old saying all of the sudden makes a new sense in the light of fulfilling the new Search Engine Optimization, the SEO requirements for the mobile phone smartphone audience. Mobile customer expects short and efficient fulfillment of her or his immediate desire for the new GPS navigational gadget, as one example. 

In many cases the purchase transaction from the beginning to the successful win-win for both parties completion depends on availability of the “hot” product. Mobile customers gravitate to the wrist wearable compact portable efficient and “cool” products, chances are high for the mobile-i-ed customer to hunt after another gadget like the sports and fitness personal trainer and GPS navigator all in one, say the Forerunner, as one example. Therefore the SEO dictated rules include the ability of the online shopping mall to provide the human convenience and technical friendliness of the SEO optimized web page for the mobile customer to begin, walk through and complete the product purchase without interruption either on the human interface quality improvement side, or technical capability of the SEO optimized mobile web engine side. 

The other interesting outcome of the SEO optimized website is, as it provides the extra levels and layers of friendliness and convenience to the mobile customers, we have noticed the increased interest of our valued customers in international business. For example last week there were twice more calls from Greece with many questions about price negotiations on our products not only in the US Dollar (the $USD free chart below), which is the primary currency for us, but now the British Pound and the Euro. This pattern of customer's increase of interest to our New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe-faced web outlets led us to make our homework and surprisingly we noticed that Greek government budget for awhile now continues to stay in what the market oriented sites refer to as “Greek goverment budget crisis” mode influencing greatly, if not almost completely overtaking the central role in the Euro realms debt crisis. Further research towards the Technology Sector indicator, the XLK, behavior reveals that the increased volume of Greece based customers, for us, allows to pinpoint one of the international reasons for Greek government’s crisis problem, the talks about ways to approach the Greek debt conversion. 

The noticeable  fluctuations of the the leading technical indicators available at the Google (GOOG) Finance webportal including the Technology SPDR (ETF) (Public, NYSE:XLK), the overall market horizon indicators, like the SPY SPDR S&P 500 ETF (Public, NYSE:SPY), and analysis of the health check the market sectors and their internal indicators, the government spending and budget changes are affecting not only technology sector but many other industries, all sectors. Overall the focus on the SEO requirements and the Search Engine Optimization best practices fulfillment, the real life our valued customers from Greece and other Countries testimonials, the new audiences of the international customers and the communications pattern discovery and analysis, like this recent “Greek pattern” splash, put along with the Greek government budget and euro debt crisis, and the ongoing market indicators, like XLK and SPY heartbeat analysis allows us a a technology company to continue non stop work on the improvement of the quality of the customer services both technically online, face to face on the phone, providing our two-cent toward technology quality improvement in this hot and unpredictable market. All in all the "Куй железо пока горячо" motto proves be mostly right on money for the $USD, Euro and GBP would it be in Greece, Europe or in the US.

$USD free chart as of 20110801

Happy technology and international currency market chart watching and, if you are in the online technology web business as we are, do not forget to check often the most current Google mobile SEO or Search Engine Optimization requirements, as they change as life changes - just "Google it". The mew mobile customer audience is growing fast, so shall the suite of quality mobile services. 





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