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Mobile Hypervisor and Dual-Persona Virtualization open new dimension of Cloud Computing innovation

by Rusti 2011-10-14 13:11

Mobile VirtualizationMobile users are looking for cost savings and are inclined to make their own choice of wireless carrier provider, operating system and the mobile device itself. Virtualization allows to offer multiple choices for the mobile user to be able to use any carrier, any device and any operating system. Business organizations are also attracted by obvious cost savings offered by virtualization technology innovation as perfect fit into corporate Cloud Computing architecture. Major technology leaders are filling the new openings within virtualization market niche quickly.  VMware (NYSE:VMW) announced its Mobile Hypervisor enterprise virtualization platform which enforces secure access while giving employees of any organization the freedom to use their mobile devices of choice for business and personal use. Mobile Hypervisor manages secure access boundaries between organization and user realms on personal mobile devices. AT&T (NYSE:T) announced a service called Toggle, based on technology from Enterproid, to support "dual personas" on mobile devices running Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android Operating System 2.2+. Verizon (NYSE:VZ)  is introducing "dual-persona" architecture available for more than one major mobile operating platforms. The dual-persona mobile system presented by Verizon this week will complement the carrier's Private Applications Store for Business.

New wave of mobile devices, applications and increase in number and scale of technology leaders partnerships in mobile computing realm, in the recession time, indicate the major shift to cost-saving technologies. The Virtualization, cloud computing, mobile focused software web services and advanced business analytics connecting the ends of business and technology are the main driving force mechanisms of the widening mobile user market, bring cost savings to mobile customers and organizations. Virtualization paradigm happens on all fronts of the modern technology from back end database server and web hosting data centers to the mobile personal assistant iPod or smartphone in your palm.

The benefits of server virtualization are significant. Most data centers and web hosting shops have implemented virtual servers. Server virtualization makes much better use of computing resources in comparison to physical servers. Each physical server, or even better the mainframe, runs dozens and hundreds instances of virtual servers, with each virtual server running different flavor of operating system. Data center and web hosting organizations which turned to virtualization are able to  significantly cut costs and, at the same time boost performance of services provided to the customers. 

Mobile Virtual Cloud ComputingOn the user side, mobile virtualization takes mobile user applications by storm. One of the most important applications of mobile virtualization technology allows a mobile user to have both a personal profile and a business profile on the same mobile device. As mobile devices mature and become more advanced as mobile hardware, firmware and operating systems include chip-sets and processing applications turning your smartphone into high sensitive GPS navigator, electronic compass, personal trainer with heart rate monitor. Not only your mobile personal assistant or communicator can handle your business and personal schedules and tasks. The Mobile Virtualization allows you to switch it into GPS enabled trip computer to track your travel distance, speed, location and elevation with high precision of GPS navigational information. The ANT+ health sensor network compatible heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors and your physical power meter application allow for a finely-tuned analysis of your ride on the bike and your running and fitness sessions. 

Success of operating system virtualization and cloud computing leaders such as VMware on the server and on the client side of the client-server architecture leads to more partnerships. Cloud Computing Innovation and Wireless services providers are partnering to introduce the so called "dual-persona" software. The dual-persona applications for the mobile devices allows to apply virtualization to separate mobile handsets into business and personal segments.

Desktop virtualization on your personal computer not only takes care of the security profiles for your kids. Virtual management software on home computer based on timer settings can track your children on their way to school and to make sure they arrive to school and back home safely. Small and lightweight GPS locator from Garmin (NASDAQ:GRMN), a portable personal GPS tracking device in your kid's backpack has everything you need to see and control your kids steps. Virtualization hypervisor switch profiles from your kid's safety control to your mobile device connectivity control. You can connect your mobile personal assistant to home computer and let virtualization hypervisor quickly switch security profiles to connect your smartphone and transfer fitness session data to analyze your performance with the 3D topographic map, like Google Maps for mobile in 3D, with complete track of your exercise trip on the large screen. 

The Social Network hypervisor automatically joins a worldwide virtual network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts via your favorite Social Network channels like Facebook and Twitter. Your latest trip on the 3D GPS topographic map joins together the data from the desktop virtual database with the latest update from the personal trainer or geocaching GPS device. Would you receive the message or call on the business side of the Hypervisor platform, it continues to maintain protection boundaries for your personal trainer device  information and your company business data separated. The hypervisor allows rendering of your personal sports or fitness exercise trip data. It is displayed with high precision based on GPS navigational coordinates on the 3D virtual terrain topographic map. The fitness data is ready for comparison, analysis and sharing being protected by virtualization hypervisor, segregating data streams for each type of application and keeping an eye on your mobile and desktop profiles, as well as secure connectivity settings and permissions. The virtualization hypervisor makes sure your sports and fitness achievements data intended for sharing with your friends cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts is kept protected and shared safely within social network community. 




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