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Nano Hummingbird with Micro Nuclear Gyro Heart is on its way to Artificial Intelligence Air Vehicle

by Rusti 2011-11-01 12:41


DARPA NANO Air Vehicle The The Nano Air Vehicle program and its goal to develop agile bird-like flyers system that could fit on the palm of your hand and look completely natural in the air, while performing critical surveillance tasks has demonstrated success. DARPA and Aerovironment has completed the Hummingbird flyer nano platform which took six years from concept to prototype with numerous design and engineering challenges on its way. The Nano Air Vehicle has perfected the unique wing structure, power source system, propulsion and control actuators. Dozens of hummingbird micro machine prototypes were built and tested to assess and improve the performance of the final nano flyer system. The Nano hummingbird achieves the two wing flapping hovering and fast forward flight with all power sources mounted on the on this amazing miniature aircraft. 

All onboard key controls are  implemented through modulation of the wing strokes in a shape that resembles a real hummingbird flight. Most importantly the nano flyer carries tiny on-board camera that transmits streaming video to the pilot in real time, other modular payloads could be taken into the air as well. The practical use of of the nano aircraft is currently controlled by the pilot using fluid human-machine interface remote control station. The potential of the flying nano-machine is tremendous when it will evolve into an artificial intelligence flying platform. The artificial intelligence requires the high precision onboard navigational system which is completely self contained and provides the GPS level of coordinates precision without using onboard GPS navigation system. DARPA designs the micro scale Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, the nano-PNT system, which does not depend on global positioning satellite GPS constellation navigation technology. Currently traditional GPS navigation systems are incorporated into guided warfare platforms and meet rigid requirements for guidance and navigation. The GPS constellation may be compromised or the GPS guided flying vehicle could be challenged by high-powered jamming attack. 

DARPA Micro Positionaning navigation and Timing ChipThe nano technology innovation for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing seeks to overcome the  potential risks of GPS jamming by developing technologies for self-contained, nanochip scale inertial navigation and precision guidance. Size, weight, and power are key concerns in the overall system design of guided Nano Air Vehicle, like the hummingbird flyer with on-board camera. An answer is provided by the micro-nuclear magnetic resonance quantum gyro. It uses the latest breakthroughs in micro fabrication techniques to open way to create a single nano package containing all the necessary navigational devices incorporated into a tiny low-power, unique self contained timing and inertial measurement unit. On-chip self-calibration intelligent fabrics is responsible for constant internal error correction which keeps the overall stability and precision of the unit. Chip generates highly accurate Positioning, Navigation, and Timing information signals comparable to the quality of the traditional GPS constellation navigational information currently in use not only by military but largely by civilian and personal GPS navigators on the road, on the water, geocaching sports and fitness outdoor activities. 

The heart of the Positioning, Navigation, and Timing nano chip is a micro-nuclear magnetic resonance gyro. It uses gyroscopic spin of nuclear particles in a magnetic field to determine orientation, and also uses the spin of atomic nuclei to measure rotation. The micro-nuclear high performance quantum gyro has no moving parts and is not sensitive to acceleration and vibration. The gyro chip provides the ability to achieve navigation-grade performance with a two orders-of-magnitude reduction in size, weight, and power from state-of-the-art positioning and navigation gyroscopes currently used in inertial measurement units. The micro-nuclear magnetic resonance gyros could be embedded in evolving artificial intelligence systems for personal navigation, navigation in GPS-denied areas, and on Nano Air Vehicles.

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