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Navigon brings the power of State Navigation Topographic Maps to iPhone

by gps4us news 2011-12-05 12:07

Navigon App for iPhoneMobile navigation systems have become more advanced and at the same time more convenient for wide audiences of social networks users on the go. The innovative touch screen scalable and ergonomic user interfaces spread across multiple mobile platforms. They allow most popular mobile communicators adopt to rich functionality of global navigation services earlier offered only by dedicated GPS navigators. GPS system technology leaders traditionally specialized in developing the dedicated GPS navigational devices, has recognized the importance of integration with the growing smartphone market. With powerful cloud computing web services providing rich navigational services and Topographic Maps data, companies like Garmin are extending the reach of topographic maps power to wider mobile user audiences. One of the most powerful onboard Navigation Services provided by Garmin's Navigon has been enhanced to reach to the iPhone user audience. 

Navogon POI - Points Of InterestThe new mobile application innovative features allows easy download of high quality topographic maps by State. Intuitive user interface takes user experience to the next level providing easy access to traffic and parking information,  advanced lane guidance, unique map management function. The service is free for existing Navigon' iPhone users. The common limitation of portable devices such as smartphones is amount of free memory, however most of the modern smartphones are capable of automatically use the most efficient internet connection currently available. The new app for iPhone solves the problem by taking advantage of the enhanced connectivity capabilities of the smartphone platform. It employs advanced transfer and processing algorithms, optimizing the usage of the available data connection and choosing most efficient method of saving large amounts of rich topographic map data on the device. The navigation app itself is separated from the topographic maps it uses, so the app could be easily upgraded without reinstalling the maps database. An extra feature, the Reality View Pro, timely informs about motorway junctions and when you need to change lanes. With naturally realistic displays of exits and the actual junction number, you’ll be able to follow the signs.

Navigation app rich functionalityThe latest  version Navigon 2.0 allows users to pick exactly which maps they currently need on their personal assistant. Optimized memory usage leaves more room for other apps, user photos and videos. Mobile users owning the USA version of the navigation app can pick the states they are going to  immediately use and the app will download additional regions on the as needed basis. The new version of Navigon is also the first iPhone navigation app to offer quarterly map updates. It reaches to the FreshMaps service hosted in the secure cloud computing environment which provides trusted, field-verified, and quality-controlled selection of high quality topographic maps. The maps include wide variety of points of interest and their updates from Navteq to ensure the most up to date and accurate data is delivered to the mobile user. User interface is truly intuitive and seamlessly integrates with the iPhone. The navigator app clearly differentiates between navigation settings and actions. It lets easily select between different pages with animated menus and easy touch activated user gestures. 

While following the current route it is now possible to access the start screen at any time during navigation to enter a new address without interruption of the route. The separated Settings menu option allows easy customization of key functions and change preferences, such as triggers controlling timing conditions for receiving speed warnings. The new Actions menu introduce navigation specific search capabilities to pick up most appropriate points of interest, and supporting functionality that are needed while navigating the route, as well as integrating into social networks for timely postings. Together Settings and Actions deliver easy to access information about route distance, time of arrival, motorway services, filling stations, speed limits and border crossings. The app has a fresh new look that displays the topographic map in the background even when accessing settings and actions menu pages. The enriched map management controls make is easy to rotate and zoom maps in any direction in three dimensional mode and tap points of interest on the map to instantly add them to a route.

GPS App brings Topographic Maps to iPhone


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