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New Astro 320 dog tracking system from Garmin cares more of your loved Hunting Dog

by Rusti 2011-06-06 16:04


The Garmin (grmn) Astro 220 with DC 30 gps dog collar GARMIN Astro 220 bundle (Astro 220 and DC 40) or dc30 dog collaror newer the Astro 320 with DC40 dog collar dog tracking system gets a major redesign towards the latest and greatest the Next-Generation Astro® 320 Dog Tracker.  The new Astro dog tracking system builds on top of best functionality of the previous version propelling up the redesigned Garmin Astro 320. This is a full-featured, premium quality portable GPS device coupled with the well known and recognized as a bestseller, the DC™ 40 wireless dog collar. The Astro 320 is a new handheld dog tracking receiver with additional communications features. They are important as many sport dog trainers and hunters have been asking for them based on their usage of currently popular Astro 220 bundle with DC30 or DC40 dog tracker combos. 

Garmin is known to be the pioneer in satellite dog tracking systems. The good news are its RAD and the engineering team, based on the feedback from houndsmen and bird dog owners, achieved major increase in uninterrupted radio reach range. 

On the usability front the new owners of Astro 320 will find 

new garmin Astro 320 and dc 40 dog tracker systemmuch simplified GPS device user interface and reliable mapping capability, as the result of that owner's feedback into the new Astro dog tracker system. Firstly, the new Astro 320 antenna unit has been redesigned to provide improved range between the Astro hand-held and the Garmin dog tracking collar backwards compatibility is there, would it be DC20, DC 30 or DC40 dog tracking collars and other previously introduced GPS accessories for Astro family.

An engineering effort allowed increase in bundle components reach of almost 30% (percent) or more than eight miles in direct site view terrain. Like the Astro 220 model used  as the foundation for the new Astro 320. Secondly, all previously enjoyed by hunters and dog owners good features are kept intact and the new owner of this GPS device may, as always, track maximum of 10 dogs per Astro receiver in real time. 




Please see another article in our gps4us News corner about Garmin Astro DC 30 vs DC 40 dog tracker collars. Happy hunting!

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