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New GPS GeoTagging feature makes some owners of GPS navigation enabled devices feel uncomfortable

by Russel 2011-06-27 11:09

This last Saturday I attended the Santa Monica weekly community friends meeting, and have met more smiles and new friends. One of my new friends make a photograph using her cool-thin-sleek brand new iPad she just bought the other day, and surprise, surprise - the photograph taken showed up as a little red-head pin on the Google map, as well as Yahoo map on the next browser map page she showed me, along with four of five other pins, the first one pin pointing the exact location of the Los Angeles Apple store where she have purchased her new iPad toy. She asked why is that every photograph i take is added by the software to the Google on line browser map, or on the Yahoo map in the iPad browser? I thought she is asking because she likes this newest and coolest GPS geotagging capability which most GPS users have meet with enthusiasm. (We have touched the geotagging topic and GPS geotagging feature in our recent GPSMAP 62stc megapixel camera enabled GPS navigator article.) Almost all high end GPS navigation enabled devices released this year and equipped with a mega-pixel cameras, the GPS navigational microchip, the new generation of the firmware and the latest GPS software applications embedded into the GPS device - these innovations come in a geotagging package and become a sign of the latest development trends in the GPS aware devices available from many manufacturers.

Garmin Montana 650 and Montana 650t with megapixel cameraand GPS geotagging

Some examples include the GPS geotagging capability available in the Garmin Montana 650 and Montana 650t, the latest Apple iPad, smart phones and portable factor electronic devices from many other GPS aware manufacturers. Once enabled, and from what my new friend has demonstrated on her computer geotagging may be enabled by default, the GPS geotagging feature for images may automatically anchor photographs just taken to the precise GPS discovered location on the Google Map, Yahoo Map and other topographic maps stored and constantly updated in real time via GPS technology in the latest and greatest GPS navigational devices. The wonderful geotagging phenomenon is making its ways into the users facing it, and understanding of how to use it appropriately to their private preferences.

I felt like i have a chance to discuss this new GPS geotagging technology which allows to organize your photos by pin-pointing the GPS location, the new technology known as Geo-Tagging. Geo tagging helps GPS enabled device, would it be laptop, smart phone or Garmin Montana 650t GPS hand-held navigator with megapixel camera, be able to find any photograph or geotagged camera image, based on the precise GPS discovered in real time location where it was taken, in our case Santa Monica friends community meeting place.

I noticed folks are listening with interest and to share some information i new about GPS geotagging which help find photos based on the location taken , but, to my surprise, the opinions of the folks who joined our discussion, attracted by the new iPad sleekest gadget in my new friend's hand, well the replies and opinions were different, shall i say opposite in regards to geotagging. Some were excited to see the new GPS geotagging technology work like a charm in her hand, but my new friend, herself, she was worried. How can i switch this GPS geotagging feature off? - she asked. Can you help me navigate through my new computer's menu to disable the geotagging? I do not feel comfortable my new iPad seems to track me everywhere i go and take another photo. 

Also, somehow the information collected by this newest GPS geotagged photographs, is, without my permission, shared with my friends emails on the list, she said. Look, she added, - and showed me another page of the topo map on her iPad, where the newly appeared GPS geotagged pin was pointing to some place in Syria (!) - and she commented that this is where one of hew friends is traveling now and this real time map shows her exact location where her other friend elsewhere in the world is taking photographs. And also, all new photographs taken with this new iPad she just bought are immediately track-logged and shared with everyone on her  email list... I feel worried she said - can you help me switch this geotagging feature off?

The coffee break between community fellowship meeting speakers was over, and we have not had enough time to go through the settings and see how to do what she wanted. Honestly, i told her it may take some time and research in Google search through online FAQ-s and/or manufacturer's documentation, so i did not have the immediate answer to address her GPS geotagging and track-logging of the photographs privacy concern. Well, may be the Garmin Montana 600, the newest and affordable GPS handheld navigator without camera may be considered as an affordable and high precision GPS navigational device, yet without any geotagging privacy concerns involved...

Garmin Montana 600 has no camera and no geotagging privacy concerns attached 

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